For Clinical Flow Cytometry, a Fully Automated Sample Preparation System

For Clinical Flow Cytometry, a Fully Automated Sample Preparation System ...

The CellMek SPS, a fully automated sample preparation system, is available on-demand for a host of sample types, allowing laboratories to expand their capabilities.

The CellMek SPS is based on a rich history of lab automation and includes features that help streamline lab processes and increase lab efficiency by reducing and automating many outdated and manual preparation methods.

DURA Innovation Dry reagents can be quickly cleaned, stained, and lysed without the need for manual treatment. A refrigerated liquid antibody carousel can hold up to 53 vials, including the possibility to run third-party reagents. The flexible system allows users to expand their capacity by the use of preformulated reagent cocktails in the new DURACartridge format.

The CellMek SPS seamlessly manages various user-defined sampling methods in random access, eliminating the need to batch samples. This automated workflow helps increase efficiency and reduces the possibility for operator bias, as well as the possibility for staff exposure to biohazardous samples.

Sample output is performed in standard carousels, which are compatible with Navios EX and DxFLEX flow cylinders from Beckman Coulter Life Sciences.

The CellMek SPS has been designed to expand existing opportunities for clinical flow cytometry laboratories, aiming to simplify their complex sample preparation tasks with a straightforward to use system, according to Dr. Mario Koksch, vice president and general manager of the business unit. This allows lab staff to handle tedious tasks and ultimately helps prevent costly errors.

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