A Metabolomic study relates asthma treatment to adrenal suppression

A Metabolomic study relates asthma treatment to adrenal suppression ...

Patients with inhaled cortical steroids (ICS) may ease asthma symptoms, and recent updates to asthma medication have expanded. However, concerns about ICS may reduce the production of the steroid hormone cortisol in the body, causing fatigue, headache, abdominal pain, and psychiatric symptoms.

ICS and adrenal suppression studies have been limited up until today and have resulted in conflicting findings. The researchers fromBrigham and Womens Hospitaland the University of Cambridge discovered 17 steroid levels that were reduced in asthma patients, indicating that even among patients taking low-dose ICS, ICS usage was associated with decreased cortisol levels.

Researchers found significant connections between adrenal insufficiency symptoms, including fatigue and anemia, in asthma patients receiving ICS therapy, comparatively to those who were not.

Jessica Lasky-Su, a co-senior writer, of the Brigham and Women''s Hospital Channing Division, said:

ICS'' use has been instrumental in reducing asthma exacerbations and improving overall health. Despite their effectiveness, we believe that ICS'' usage should be examined.

Claudia Langenberg, an independent author of the MRC Epidemiology Unit at the University of Cambridge, the United Kingdom, and the Berlin Institute of Health at Charite Universitatsmedizin, Germany, has added:

Simple measures, such as regular cortisol monitoring and the dosage of the most inexpensive ICS doses, might help alleviate the systemic side effects of ICS use.

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