Richard Cuthbert will conduct a drug discovery screening

Richard Cuthbert will conduct a drug discovery screening ...

Richard Cuthbert, the global commercialization product manager at Bio-Rad Laboratories, joins us for this week''s Teach Me in a 10video.

We discuss a number of the challenges involved with high-throughput screening techniques as well as the benefits of flow cytometry. We also discuss how recent advancements in the field have greatly enhanced throughput capabilities that can be further enhanced by integrating robotic work cells, making it a viable strategy.

Finally, we look into the current unmet needs in the field, speculate on future developments, and offer advice on some useful resources to assist you learn more about flow cytometry.

Richard proposes generating additional information about the following topics:

  • ZE5 Cell Analyzer Brochure
  • Meet the ZE5 Cell Analyzer Video
  • Automation of High-throughput Flow cytometry with the ZE5 Cell Analyzer
  • Flow Cytometry Basics Guide
  • Flow Cytometry Workbook
  • Flow Cytometry Hub for products and resources
  • StarBright Dyes for Flow Cytometry

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