TATAA Biocenter is partnering with Olink to create high-quality proteomics thanks to unrivaled throughput

TATAA Biocenter is partnering with Olink to create high-quality proteomics thanks to unrivaled throu ...

Olink Holding AB has today announced the collaboration with TATAA Biocenter, a leading European provider of molecular analysis services, and has launched an OlinkExplore 3072 proteome profiling service.

Olink Explore is a perfect platform to supplement our already optimized genomics and transcriptomics offerings, which will be critical in our services supporting the pharmaceutical industry, according to Mikael Kubista, the founder of TATAA Biocenter. We already offer workflow optimizations and validations, including multiomics, and with this new platform we capacity dramatically increases. In the European Union-funded projects identifying molecular mechanisms of pain related disorders (PainFACT) and combining optoacoustic imaging pheno

The Olink industry-leading proteomics solution measures up to 3,000 proteins per sample using Proximity Extension Assay (PEA) technology combined with a next generation sequencing readout on the Illumina NovaSeq and Illumina NextSeq platforms, ensuring that the process is highly sensitive and reproducible, and that the product is specific.

In my heart failure, it is very common that we dont know for sure how medicines work. Biomarker research, based on pre-approved proteomics, which was developed during clinical trials, may help unravel the mechanisms of action (MOA) of therapies, according to Professor Faiez Zannad, the head of the Centre dInvestigation Clinique Pierre Drouin Inserm.

TATAA Biocenter has over 20 years of experience in providing genomics, transcriptomics, and proteomics services to pharmaceutical and diagnostic industries. With its flexible portfolio of cell and gene therapies, TATAA Biocenters offers substantial performance benefits.

We are looking to partner with TATAA Biocenter, which will make the Olink proteomics platform more accessible to the scientific community, according to Henk Mouthaan, vice president of sales and marketing at Olink Proteomics.

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