Fatty acid might protect against heart attack injuries

Fatty acid might protect against heart attack injuries ...

A medium-chain fatty acid found in energy drinks might one day help protect against heart attack occurrences.

Heart attacks are still a major cause of death worldwide, but they often result in serious complications, according to Zhong Wang, an associate professor of cardiac surgery at the University of Michigan at the heart of the country. Improvements in heart function are required in this paper.

In rats, Wang and colleagues were able to safeguard against heart attack damage by using octanoic acid, an eight carbon (8C) medium chain fatty acid, as well as several other metabolites. Acetyl-CoA, a building block for energy metabolism, was developed by a stressed heart.

According to the author, a doctor would administer this medication to a person once they arrive at the hospital following a heart attack, reducing further pain and improving heart function during recovery.

Understanding the relationships between energy metabolism and epigenetics may not only serve as an effective treatment for myocardial infarction, but also in other ischemia-related organ damage beyond cardiac damage, according to Ienglam Lei, a doctor in the Cincinnati CVCs Department of Cardiac Surgery and the University of Macau in China, who conducted the experiments.

Wang claims that the next step would be to test this molecule in large animal experiments followed by clinical trials. The research team has studied the epigenetic regulation of heart attack for over ten years.

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