Bill Murray reveals the cult that led to his most recent film's closure

Bill Murray reveals the cult that led to his most recent film's closure ...

Two weeks ago, the production on Being Mortal, which is (or perhaps was) to be Aziz Ansari''s feature film, was put on hold. It was later revealed that one of the actors, Bill Murray, was involved in a complaint. There are still unanswered information, yet it is believed to be inappropriate behavior. Nearly two weeks later, the legendary actor has opened up about what happened while keeping things near the vest.

Murray, who could only say that the complaint involved a divergent opinion, was caught up with CNBC. He didn''t go into details, but he did say, I did something I believed was funny, and it wasn''t taken that way.

Murray didn''t reveal who filed the complaint, but he said that they were attempting to resolve it. As of today, we are talking and we are striving to make peace with each other, according to Murray. I''m a fan of relationships, but if we can''t really trust each other there''s no need to go further together or making the film. It''s been a pleasure for me.

Still, he seemed optimistic that we will make peace, although he noted that hell only go forward if the female involved is okay with it. He also said he was attempting to gain insight about the past.

Murray said that he thinks its a sad dog that can''t learn anymore. It''s a really sad dog that can''t learn anymore. I just want to be that sad dog, and I have no intention of it.

He added that his goal of making me the happiest would be to put my boots on and for both of us to return to work and be able to trust each other and work at the work that we have both spent a lot of time developing the skill.

When it was shuttered, Being Mortal, based on Atul Gawandes'' nonfiction book Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End, was halfway through production. It features not only Murray, but Seth Rogen and Ansari himself.

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