Charlamagne is attempting to build a co-workers interest in Saucy Santana

Charlamagne is attempting to build a co-workers interest in Saucy Santana ...

At the moment, Saucy Santana is having a busy year. She recently joined Latto on a Monster Energy Outbreak tour, which she backed several months after she released his most recent album Keep It Playa. This year, Saucy announced that he signed a record deal, which further proves that his career is on an upward trajectory.

For a quick second One of the straight dudes at the Breakfast Club said Charlamagne that he be watching Santana twerk videos, so he brought him in during the interview

Glock Topickz (@Glock_Topickz) April 28, 2022

Charlamagne Tha God invited one of his co-workers to attend the conversation. Its here that Charlamagne revealed that the individual truly enjoys your twerk videos. Saucy clearly didn''t expect things to work out as they did. Im dead serious He actually said to the room, Yall dont be watching Saucy Santana''s twerk videos?

Saucy asked the worker if they liked it and replied, "It was funny." Now im at a place in my career in which n****s aint afraid to be like, Yo, I f*ck with the music or I f*ck with the vibe, or whatever. You might be a straight n**** but you f*ck [with it].

I believe a hit is undeniable, music is undeniable, star quality [and] star power, are indistinguished. So regardless if youre a man, woman, Puerto Rican, polka dot: if its enjoyable and you f*ck with it, then you f*ck with it.

In the video above, you may see the interaction between Saucy, Charlamagne, and a work of The Breakfast Club.

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