We sat together a bunch of new Bourbons and placed them together to a blind taste test

We sat together a bunch of new Bourbons and placed them together to a blind taste test ...

New bourbon whiskey is down constantly. No one can really keep up with it, but we try. One of the best methods for us to assist you sort through the ever-growing bourbon aisle at your local liquor store is to do a blind taste test and tell you what we really believe.

I grabbed ten new bourbons from my shelf for this blind taste test. I didnt rule anything out. There are bottles with wine cask finishings, 15-year-old rarities, and a bottle that hasn''t even come out yet. Hows that for fresh? While I was out of the room, I had them numbered.

The bottom half of the ranking below is all good-not-amazing, but it would have all been tied for the first place. It was a good group of whiskeys that all had their own unique nuances and attributes. These made ranking these particularly tough.

Our goal today is to bring you the best possible lineup.

  • Thomas S. Moore Cabernet Cask Finish
  • Stellum Black Bourbon
  • Widow Jane The Vaults 15-Year
  • Old Elk Four Grain Bourbon
  • George Dickel Bourbon
  • Broken Barrel California Oak
  • Knob Creek 15
  • New Riff Red Turkey Wheated Bourbon
  • I.W. Harper Cabernet Cask Finish
  • Barrell Craft Spirits 15-Year

Let''s dive in!

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