Warren Buffett Schedules Berkshire's Annual Meeting for 2022

Warren Buffett Schedules Berkshire's Annual Meeting for 2022 ...

Get Berkshire Hathaway Inc.''s Class A Report annual meeting kicks off with a movie that was one of the highlights of the event. Instead, Buffett was given the chance to reveal his lighter side.

The second film, which was released in 2020, showing Buffett being awakened from bed. The clock radio played the 1978 Barry Manilow hit "Can''t Smile Without You," a nod to it being the day for the annual shareholders meeting, although there was no crowd in attendance.

Buffett brushes his teeth and makes the drive to the arena where it''s an empty hole once he wears his trademark suit (off-camera).

After some difficulties with the door, he walks in the locked room where Bill Murray greets him as a security guard. Warren gives him his last name, and then asks for a full name, according to Jimmy Buffett.

Security abuses him for failing to serve Jimmy Buffett.

Im a stockholder and never sold a share.

This time, the same alarm clock moment has followed. Buffett here''s the same "Can''t Smile Without You," then skips bruising his teeth. He arrives at the empty venue, but is not shown, so it may be revealed that he has a guitar and is dressed as Jimmy Buffett.

Murray has been taken away.

Warren Buffett yells: "Ive been thrown out of better places than this."

In 2022, Buffett wakes with his suit already on. He travels to the arena only to be greeted by Murray, who assures him he''s not on the list.

"Ill just find a bar and watch it on CNBC," Buffett said.

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The Berkshire Hathaway, founded by Warren Buffett, profited more than halved in the first quarter.

Murray resigns and lets him, and the plot cuts to Buffett and Munger live onstage.

Buffett and Munger Make a Triumphant Return

When the camera goes live, the crowd faints into a mild standing ovation.

"It feels very good to return to doing this in person," Buffett said. "Charlie and I are now a combined 190 years old. I really believe you are an owner of a business and have two people between 91 and 98, and you may be eligible to see them in person if we had a manager who was 98; we may send somebody by."

He shared a story about how to run a business in the age of eight.

A couple of managers were diagnosed with dementia, some of whom were also susceptible to dementia. We had a manager who had done well, but we decided to go with individuals that might be aware of it, but we do not want to be able to run them. "But, you don''t have as much competition as those companies," he said.

Buffett expressed his delight at having a great crowd.

"Yesterday we had 12,000 shareholders come to the adjacent exhibition hall with company merchandise," he said, stating that the company had brought in 11 tons of See''s Candy. "It''s kind of interesting, on this cover (he held up a See''s box)theres a picture of a woman born in 1854, and she probably gets her picture seen more than anyone." "Mary See" a lot of people think this is me on dragtheres a certain resemblance

Buffett wants a level playing field for investors.

The CEO shared his desire for a meeting of in-person shareholders.

"We like to provide everyone the same information at the same time, preferably when the stock market is closed," says one member of the public who sends out information, saying, "We have 3.5 million shareholders," and "they will take their word for itwe pay them by the account, so some days wed like to count."

While that was a laugh, the next statement brought some people to near tears.

"That''s a lot of people who trust us," he said. "That''s a great motivator and trust."

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