Berkshire Hathaway's Shareholders-Only Film An Inside Look

Berkshire Hathaway's Shareholders-Only Film An Inside Look ...

Get Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Class A Report has welcomed its shareholders to its annual shareholder'''' meeting in Omaha, Neb. The event features supporters of the company and overruns the small midwestern city as private jets fill the relatively small airport and poor hotel rooms sell at much less than their usual prices.

It''s a party founded on a love for Berkshire Hathaway, its guests 91-year-old Warren Buffett and 98-year-old Charlie Munger. The festivities fill an area that usually includes concerts and sporting events like Creighton University.

Coachella is a movie for folks on the stock market who have a long track record of success. It''s a special one that kicks off and highlights the event in just one way.

You can''t take pictures, record audio, or record any video of the film because it features a variety of Hollywood bigwigs and other celebrities making cameos for free. This year''s film, produced by Berkshire Hathaway, provided a variety of commercials (actual commercials from television) as well as some mild humor and pop culture references that hit on a different level.

A Look at the Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders Film in 2022

Buffett greeted people attending the event and asked them not to record the meeting, which he was extremely enforced. After three years of digital-only events, he was very pleased to welcome everyone in person.

A video was taken about a veterinarian in Connecticut. Covid quarantine, when people adopted all kinds of animals, slowed his business. He unable to handle the volume, so the doctor hired an assistant, buys new equipment, and a new exam room.

This was a rather emotional commercial that was largely based on many of the ads. However, it was followed by a Geico and then a Helzberg Diamond ad that was basically just the ones that are a lot on television.

A cliche followed the success of a Berkshire Hathaway''s energy division, which focuses on net-zero greenhouse gas emissions. It demonstrates that various brands and how they benefit their communities.

After that, an Apple Inc. ReportAirPods advert was followed by a funny spot from "CBS This Morning" mentioning wacky fast food outfits and sneakers with a Dairy Queen sweater vest with a Blizzard pocket. It was a bit absurd, but it a set the tone for where the video was going after the Duracell, Jordan''s Furniture, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services (real estate) and Brooks Sneakers ads.

So, things got a lot of fun.

Celebrities Make Berkshire Hathaway Cameos

On an authentic-looking set, Rainn Wilson opened the "funny" portion of the video in his Dwight role. He told Munger, "You dont look so tough," he told the 98-year-old billionaire.

"It''s possible that I can kill you," Munger said.

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In Q1, Warren Buffett''s Berkshire Hathaway profited more than they were found.

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While Buffett transitions to a soap opera career, famed soap opera star Susan Lucci appeared joking about becoming Berkshire Hathaway CEO. Following that, Jamie Lee Curtis sent a "sexy" message and a "Breaking Bad" parody, which featured Bryan Cranston, who ended with Munger parodying Aaron Paul''s character as Jessie Pinkman''s "bringing bitches."

It was then a return to ads with a promo for Jimmy Buffett''s pontoon boat, a partnership between the non-related Buffetts. That followed by another GEICO ad, the auctioneer ordering breakfast one, and a Fruit of the Loom, Made True ad.

While there were other advertising mixed in, things took a step back for the most serious. Munger revealed how he believed his and Buffett''s popularity came from being people who it looked like "knew a trick."

"It''s not brilliance, it''s not avoiding stupidity," he said.

Munger explained that the company was "continuously kissing off ideas" because we know we have better opportunities. Its about opportunities. It''s about opportunities. When you get married, you must take the best that will have you, according to Munger.

At the beginning of the episode, a shifter to Buffett he spoke during the 1991 Salomon Brothers Treasury Bonds hearing. He welcomed the investigation so the guilty would carry the burden, not the innocent. He also talked about how all actions should pass a newspaper test on the back page, asking employees to consider if their actions were successful at any given moment.

Lose money for the company, and I will be understanding. Lose one shred of integrity, and I will be ruthless," he told Congress.

Buffett took a moment to reflect on the significance of the moment - of having a full forum to talk with - and he called back when the meeting was held in a cafeteria.

"It''s a celebration. Part of working together is a celebration," he said, noting that people buy Berkshire Hathaway stock with the intention of keeping it forever.

"We have more long-term shareholders than any company," he said. "We consider shareholders as our partners. It gives real meaning to what we did everyday."

The event ended with a wedding from a few years ago take on Bruno Mars'' "Uptown Funk" with Berkshire Hathaway motifs.

We bought it on Saturday morning and we were away.

Perhaps not the strongest finish, but a unique video no other company may offer.

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