Elon Musk claims to avoid these drugs at all costs

Elon Musk claims to avoid these drugs at all costs ...

Elon Musk has no doubt become the new oracle.

Get Tesla Inc Reportis, the billionaire and CEO of Tesla (TSLA), without doubt the most powerful voice in an era dominated by his technologies and shapes.

Warren Buffett appears to have been forced to withdraw from the Oracle of Omaha. While Buffett remains a popular figure, the center of gravity is likely to have moved to Austin, Texas, where Musk lives.

Get Twitter, Inc. Reportwhere the world''s richest man gives advice, confronts his opponents, announces major financial transactions, plays HR, and shares his thoughts. And especially, Twitter is the place where he is building the Musk brand. Twitter is about to acquire Twitter for $44 billion.

Twitter has become the platform where the Musk brand is being built. Tesla''s CEO wants to be perceived and seen as the greatest visionary of the future century, and he is no longer content to see his name attached to Tesla, the world leader in electric cars; SpaceX, his aerospace company, which is expanding to Mars; Neuralink or The Boring Company, and its revolutionary tunnels to address the traffic problem of large cities. Musk decided himself to become the Musk brand''s chief communicator or chief marketing officer.

Musk the ''''Doctor''''

The objective of this study is to identify all areas, whether he is an expert or not. However, this approach requires that the 50-year-old appear close to the people.

On Twitter, Musk suggested staying as far away as possible from amphetamines like Adderall, which he believes are dangerous. It is important to note that Musk is neither a doctor nor a scientist, so a priori he isn''t an expert on health issues.

He has 89.3 million twitter followers who are happy to be on the rise.

Marc Andreessen, a tech businessman and investor, replied to the question, asking: "What percentage of the laptop class is on Adderall?"

"Adderall is a anger amplifier," Musk said. "Avoid at any costs."

Users have expressed concern about this suggestion.

"So now you have medical and/or pharmacological degrees?" a user said. "These are things you must take years of study for rather than buy. I would advise not practicing medicine without a license."

Adderall has been approved for the treatment of Attention Deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), by means of having a short attention span or being hyperactive and impulsive. It is a stimulant medication that can sometimes be placed off-label as an add-on therapy for treatment-resistant depression.

Side effects can be costly, according to doctors. Stimulant medications have severe heart problems, including the possibility of sudden death for children and adults with pre-existing heart conditions.

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Cathie Wood''''s Worst Nightmare Comes True

The discussion between Musk and Andreessen had begun a little earlier with a second post examining the results of these studies that exacerbate the actual problems of our society.

"Everyone believes that social media had a part in our present society," Andreessen wrote first while commenting. "I''m wondering whether Adderall and ubiquitous Google searches have much greater implications," says Andreessen.

"Wellbutrin is far worse than Adderall imo," Musk says after his first post on Adderall. "It should be removed from the market."

"Everytime that medication has come up in conversation, someone at the table has a suicide or near suicide story," said the billionaire.

Musk Has a Controversial Antidepressants Solution

Musk gives a somewhat ambiguous response when a user comments asking what he thinks of Ritalin.

Ritalin is a great addition to Adderall and Wellbutrin, according to the user. "Ritalin is faster and delivers peak performance faster than Adderall does."

"I haven''t heard bad things about Ritalin, which isn''t good to say its good, but I just haven''t heard bad things about it," Musk said.

Twenty minutes later, he gives a follow-up to this text and advises caution.

"A friend just email me about her bad Ritalin experience. It''s best to be cautious with all neurotransmitter drugs," Musk said.

Wellbutrin, also known as Bupropion, is an antidepressant used by the Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of major depressive disorders (MDD) and seasonal degenerative disorder (SAD). It is also used as an assist for individuals who want to quit smoking.

According to eleanorhealth.com, taking this medication may lead to changes in behavior such as hostility, agitation, depressed moods, or suicidal thoughts. Children, adolescents, and young adults who consume bupropion are at risk.

Ritalin is a stimulant used in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Following a post requesting that the psychedelics be prescribed instead of amphetamines, Musk praised the psychedelics.

"Ive talked to many more people who were treated differently by psychedelics and ketamine than SSRIs & amphetamines," Musk said of the popular prescribed antidepressants called Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors.

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