Do gamers like Facebook's Metaverse?

Do gamers like Facebook's Metaverse? ...

Meta''s (MVRS) - Get Meta Reportannouncements from its earnings call on April 27 left both users and investors with a lot to talk about, but there was one component that was particularly difficult to swallow.

From its rebranding as a metaverse company to launching "metaverse stores," Zuckerberg says (what are even in those? ) no one is more determined to make the metaverse more relevant than the Meta CEO.

Meta would have reimagined something worthy to show investors after investing money by truckload into its Reality Labs division. With 10,000 employees already working in it, more than 1,000 open positions listed on the company''s jobs site. As well as hiring Oculus to rebrand it as its own.

The company had announced a $2.96 billion loss on the project last quarter, which is in stark contrast to $650 million in revenue it earned. Meta has also lost about $20 billion on VR since 2020, according to the gaming website Kotaku.

This loss has resulted in additional skepticism for Zuckerberg''s "near-era of social technology." Despite his obvious desire to encourage everyone to adopt this concept, the most obvious demographic to adopt it first is those who play video games already with a virtual reality headset.

According to the International Data Corporation, Meta sold 8.7 million virtual reality headsets in 2021, indicating that individuals are more interested in the technology than ever before.

As a way of living a living, breathing digital world for people to enjoy being in, you may call that "the metaverse" whatever you desire, but gamers have already had access to this kind of space for decades.

Meta''s reaction to a request for clarification was unanswered.

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Do people who use video games care about the metaverse?

In February, Meta announced that its social media platform "Horizon Worlds" had reach 300,000 users. This includes users of Horizon Venues, which allows users to see live music performances, but not Horizon Workrooms, which is exclusively for workplace collaboration.

Although those who already play video games were willing to pay that price to enjoy the hobby in a new way, many non-coaching simply would not pay the expenses for the scam.

The VR headset weighs 1.1 pounds, which doesn''t appear like much until you''ve worn it for a few hours and feel the weights your head aches.

Meta is very aware of all of this, which is why Zuckerberg announced that a web-based version of "Horizon Worlds" will be available soon for those who have not used the Meta Quest 2.

Although there is a group utilizing "Horizon Worlds" to create cool things, it''s not that much. Twitter, Inc. Reportaccount has more than 10,000 users, making it a lot more popular.

At the time of this writing, the official Discord, which is a popular gaming forum, only has 669 members, showing a significant disparity between the brand''s public-facing identity and its creator community.

The metaverse is clearly aware that gamers are not buying into it, which is no surprise as they have established their own worlds in gaming for decades. "Second Life," a digital reality game that was initially launched in 2003 for PC users, was pioneered the space 19 years ago.

To counteract that, Meta is striving for its next objective: making work in the metaverse the next big thing. In the earnings call, Zuckerberg mentioned "Project Cambria," a VR headset for professionals that he promises will "replace your laptop or work setup."

To do so without any degree of success, Meta will have to be able to coerce people that working in the metaverse has significant benefits. And with covid cases low and more people returning to the office than ever, the chances for it to do this seem to be dubious at best.

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