Apple's Apple M1 competitor is on track for the end of 2023

Apple's Apple M1 competitor is on track for the end of 2023 ...

Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon expressed his delight during a quarterly earnings call this week. Despite his disappointment, the development of its upcoming Arm-based notebook processor, which Nuvia is developing, is on track. However, he added, however, that Qualcomm intends to ship it in late 2023, a year after its previously disclosed release date.

Qualcomm purchased Nuvia in March 2021 to expand on the laptop processor market, specifically to reach out to Apple''s M-series processors. In that summer, the company said it intends to release a Nuvia-designed laptop chip in 2022.

Qualcomm issued a statement following its earnings call, saying it would sample the Nuvia processor in 2022 and release products using it in 2023. Amon reiterated that its announcement of product launches referred to this concept from the start. Either this was the beginning, or the delay occurred last autumn.

Qualcomm and Nuvia may end up sampling their CPU effectively prior to the launch of the next generation of Apple chips. Apple is rumored to have several M2-powered devices planned for this year, with M3 expected next year.

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