Epic Games is attempting to stop Google from taking Bandcamp off the PlayStore

Epic Games is attempting to stop Google from taking Bandcamp off the PlayStore ...

Epic Games and its recent acquisition Bandcamp have come out against Google''s upcoming policy changes, which will force the music app to process digital payments exclusively through Google''s payment system. Ethan Diamond, the founder and CEO of Bandcamp, said the move is incompatible with the original purpose of the music service. Epic, which approved a contract to purchase Bandcamp in early March, filed a motion in a California court with the same conviction.

Bandcamp is currently selling digital music through its existing payment system, which allows it to distribute 82 percent of sales revenue to artists during promotions. This is why the service is popular with indie musicians.

Apple users may only listen to music, buy it on physical media, or buy goods. Bandcamp''s iOS app does not process digital purchases at all because Apple''s required revenue reduction makes it difficult for the company to be so generous. If Epic or the court system agrees, the app might end up this way.

Google''s payment system hasn''t been mandatory for digital music purchases on Play Store apps until June 1, but that exception ends on June 1. Afterward, Epic and Bandcamp said this would either force the latter to pay the additional cost to consumers (taking the cut from artists is a nonstarter for them), delist the Bandcamp app, or operate it without digital purchases like the iOS app.

Google''s policies are monopolistic and even illegal in Epic''s court filing. It echoes Epic''s legal battle against Apple over the right to operate Fortnite''s mobile version without using Apple''s payment system.

Despite Epic''s huge defeat, governments around the world are starting to slammed against forcing apps to utilize platforms'' payment processors. Last month, Dutch regulators banned Apple from allowing their payment processors to use apps. Such regulations might challenge Google''s upcoming policy change.

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