Sony has temporarily closed down subscription extensions in order to avoid a monetary hole

Sony has temporarily closed down subscription extensions in order to avoid a monetary hole ...

If you''re sitting there feeling that your PlayStation 4 or 5 is not taking that one-year extension, you just bought and chill for a minute. Sony has put pre-purchasing subscriptions on hold for the time being. It has imposed a temporary shutdown because people have been avoiding a loophole to get huge discounts on the PlayStation Plus (PS+) Premium well into the future.

People were asked about how their existing subscription time was decided when Sony announced its PS+ move last month. Sony explained in its FAQ that old plans would move to the new levels. So those who have just PS+ will go to the $60 PlayStation Plus Essential level. Each year, those who have PS+ and PS Now will pay $60 for the new PS+ Premium package, which costs $120 per year.

Sony has confirmed that they had placed PS+/PS Now codes for existing members before the new PS+ release. The codes will be redeemable after the launch.

Sony found out when it decided how to fairly reposition subscriptions of unqual length. So, a customer with a PS+ and a PS Now subscription will get Premium for the long term subscription period. So, almost immediately, users began buying $60 subscriptions to one or the other to extend the $120 subscription as their wallets would permit. So, it has suspended voucher claims until the release of the new subscriptions.

For the time being, the voucher entry screen will only accept claims from those who have expired subscriptions. Anyone else will have to wait until PlayStation Plus relaunches. It''s coming to some Asian areas on May 23, Japan on June 1, North and South America on June 13, and Europe on June 23.

It''s important to note that if you have vouchers right now, their values will differ depending on your subscription level you want or already have. For example, a one-month PS+ or PS Now code will get you one month of Essential or a half-a-day (17 days) of Premium.

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