Sifu, a souls-like game, has difficulty modes in May and has continued to grow throughout the year

Sifu, a souls-like game, has difficulty modes in May and has continued to grow throughout the year ...

In a content update for the Souls-like game on May 3, Sloclap announced on Tuesday that it would include three levels: Student, Desciple, and Master. The game is already quite challenging, so presumably, Student and Disciple are levels easier than the game''s actual default difficulty.

Sloclap is also adding "Advanced Training" and the ability to alter outfits to make the game more enjoyable to those who aren''t willing to try and die a million times. It has also written a roadmap for the remainder of the year.

The Summer update now includes advanced scoring and gameplay modifications. The Fall patch also adds even more modifiers and new outfits. It also includes a replay editor to make film-like replays of your finest fights, which sounds pretty cool.

Check out our free content update roadmap for #Sifu! At this stage, four major updates are planned - the first one will be available next Tuesday, May 3rd, along with our physical edition! "" #SifuGame

Finally, the Winter update will include an Arena mode, which will include new gameplay elements and outfits. Sloclap didn''t elaborate on this, but it seems like Arena might be a PvP mode pitting online players against one another to show who is the true Sifu.

We''re working on a new upgrade package that will be available soon! All updates above are free and for all versions, although we may add additional exclusive outfits for Deluxe owners!

Sloclap claims that all of its usual content updates for standard and deluxe owners are free. However, it may add some extra costumes exclusively for the deluxe version of the game. It''s also developing a "upgrade bundle" that allows standard players to upgrade to deluxe for additional features.

With new outfits coming in each update, one may wonder what kinds of cosmetics will be available. Someone made a Matrix mod for Sifu on PC. Couldn''t we see some Matrix-like outfits? Well, you should take it seriously. It would likely be costly to license, but it wouldn''t hurt for a console player to cross their fingers since they don''t have access to cool mods like that one.

For me, lower difficulty levels appear to slow down Sifu. Despite all, like the Souls series, Sifu was designed to be super challenging, with the reward being the immense sense of accomplishment when completing the game heck, for defeating a level boss.

This decreases gameplay performance while continuing to develop. Experience in more powerful moves and combos, while also reducing your risk of injury. Sifu has a lot of replay value, so going through the whole game would not be so bad.

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