Apple is launching a self-repair service in the United States, but overall costs are as much or more than paying apro

Apple is launching a self-repair service in the United States, but overall costs are as much or more ...

For the time being, Apple only sells batteries, bottom speakers, cameras, and SIM trays to US customers. Besides, parts are limited to five iPhone iPhone 12, 12 mini, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, and iPhone 13. Apple plans to expand the service to other countries later this year and has several replacement parts for M1 Macs.

To perform repair, customers may get them outright, but with items such as a display press or a heated display removal fixture costing over $200, most patrons may want to get a tool kit for $49 unless they are planning to start a repair business.

Each tool kit rental is tailored to the model of the phone, which includes all the equipment required for any further repair. Tools are quite large, with kits measuring about 79 pounds.

Apple is directing applications and tools to qualified technicians, but it does not prohibit individuals who feel that they are capable of completing a DIY iPhone repair from buying and renting the supplies.

Apple offers free of charge repair manuals and other services for those who do not understand the iPhone''s interior functioning. Obviously, Apple will not be held liable for glitches, broken tools, or parts that have been damaged by the customer.

There is one caveat. Apple claims to sell the parts to individual customers for the same price as it sells them to authorized service centers, but investigating the costs of components and tools shows that there is no significant cost savings versus having Apple perform the task. In fact, DIY repairs cost the same or more than permitting them to do it.

A battery replacement for Apple costs out-of-warranty customers $69. This package cost $69 for iPhone 12 and 13 and $49 for iPhone SE, not including tools (a battery press costs $115). More expensive repairs save a little money, but only if you already have the tools.

Apple charges $279 to replace an iPhone 13 screen. You need the iPhone 13 Display Bundle, which costs $270, but Apple will refund $33.60 if you return the broken screen for recycling, making for a net cost of $236.40. However, unless you have the repair equipment, you''ll have to pay $285.40, bringing the cost back to $285.40, about $16 more than you would pay Apple to do the job.

Apple is slowly changing its policies, which used to prohibit home repairs completely, but it has reduced the cost of putting it much too expensive to be practical down the road. Hopefully, this Self-Service Repair program will be more effective until then. It''s just a window dressing for the Right-to-Repair movement.

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