Elon Musk's 5 Cool Things

Elon Musk's 5 Cool Things ...

Elon Musk at least keeps things interesting. He has done a lot of good things.

Elon Musk, the world''s richest man and future Top Twit, is currently attracting a lot of negative publicity over his upcoming acquisition of Twitter (TWTR) - Get Twitter, Inc. Report.

The irony of the complaints is that hell overturn most of Twitter''s controls and limitations on poor actors, and turn it back to a free-speech hatefest.

He may even allow a seditious former federal employee who used the service to inspire the single worst attempt to overthrow the US government back on Twitter.

Wall Street has its own doubts about the acquisition being completed, judging by Twitter''s share price, which is currently about 10% under the Musks offer price.

Musk remains a different type of billionaire, and probably the least awful, or, in any event, the most interesting one in a long time.

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Consider these five examples of cool things Musk has done.

1.Starlink to Ukraine

In its battle with Russia, Musk donated tons of Starlink receivers. Sure, it was a skill game to send Ukraine all those receivers. It was certainly a great thing to have a better real-world proof-of-concept case to demonstrate their value. However, it was also a good thing to do, implying that Musk''s anti-democratic beliefs may be mute.

2.Dragon 2

For the first time in a decade, SpaceX injected its Dragon 2 capsule into space from American soil, allowing the US to obtain space without relying on Russia. Musk seems to have a knack for frustrating Russian interests. In this case, he undercut a (modest) income source for the Kremlin as well as rebuilding a sense of pride in the US can-doism. It saves on those trips to and from Kazakhstan.


Get Tesla Inc Reportmade electric vehicles cool and desirable. This one is potentially changing the world''s moves and reducing dependence on fossil fuels like the ones that come from... Russia. The automobiles are hot looking, very zippy and jam packed with technology that is constantly updated. After all, developing a car that can be configured to run the air conditioning to keep your dog cool while youre shopping is pretty sweet.

4.Dreamed Big

Some men see things as they are, others wonder why others don''t. Musk is clearly in the second category, driven by a keen desire to reimagine and improve almost anything. Everybody who is making as serious an effort to build reusable rockets to fly people to Mars isn''t playing a big ball.

5.Falcon 9 First Stage

Musk and his neighbors created a rocket booster that could be returned to earth; it was landed on a barge in the middle of the ocean and then towed back to land over and over. It''s one thing to imagine such a concept, it''s another to actually make it happen. And nothing demonstrates Musk''s ability to make the improbable probable better than that.

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