Let These Photos From The Framework After Party At Coachella Inspire You For The Weekend

Let These Photos From The Framework After Party At Coachella Inspire You For The Weekend ...

All-night ragers are fun. Yes, there are some consequences, but also YOLO. What better time and place to get rid of your inhibitions than at Coachella? While the actual festival only lasts until about 11 p.m. each night, the entire desert have all the motivations you need to keep the good vibes rolling, including good booze and fantastic performances.

Framework, an underground music promotion firm, is hosting an after-hours event. Frameworks are combining great locations, world-class production, and well-known dance music talents. Framework has now built a second home in the desert since Coachellas'' beginning weekend (April 15 April 17). Framework opened a never previously used venue at Thermal Airport.

On the three nights of the festival, legendary electronic artists including Purple Disco Machine, SG Lewis, Jayda G, The Martinez Brothers, and Black Coffee provided a special guest from Ninja Tunes, who was far from optimistic about a Korean breakout, Peggy Gou, Damian Lazarus, Michael Bibi, and Leyla Benitez.

Framework transformed Thermal Airport into a post-festival desert oasis between the heavy beats and the spectacular airport backdrop and non-stop dancing. Scroll through the photos below to get ready for the weekend ahead and make sure to have the next big all-night party.


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