Carnival's new ship has something special for its biggest fans

Carnival's new ship has something special for its biggest fans ...

The first Carnival Cruise ship was launched 50 years ago when the Mardi Gras, a refurbished Transatlantic liner purchased from Canadian Pacific Line, arrived from Miami.

Get Carnival Corporation Reportstruggled for the first few years financially, until in 1975 it changed its marketing strategy to the one familiar to current customers, which is highlighting all the joy, food, and generally frivolity you get aboard a ship rather than the importance of the destination.

This approach, combined with diversifying the line and responding to changing customers'' preferences, has provided a valuable benefit to the company, making it one of the most well-known names in the cruise industry.

The cruise industry was particularly affected by the epidemic, and Carnival Cruise Line was no exception. However, now that the industry is returning to normal, thanks to some safety guidelines, Carnival is in the mood to celebrate, and its got something special planned for its biggest fans.

What Is Carnival Cruise Planning Its 50th Birthday?

Carnival has introduced The Golden Jubilee, a luxury bar and lounge area that serves up classic and old-fashioned cocktails.

The Carnival Celebration, the company''s latest cruise, will feature a deck 6, in the same location as The Brass Magnolia lounge on the Mardi Gras.

The lounges decor is used as a nostalgic look back at Carnivals history, replete with porthole-like round windows instead of squared windows.

A gallery installation will include six decorative porthole windows with three-dimensional dioramas, one for each decade of the company''s history and one telling its future.

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From 1955, there will be a new vintage engine telegraph that will be extended to Full Ahead. The nostalgic touches don''t end there, as there will be coins for every ship in the fleet, both past and present, that will be included in the floor design.

What Else Will Be On The Golden Jubilee?

The bar and lounge will offer additional versions of cocktails that have been popular on cruises since 1972, including a Harvey Wallbanger and Tom Collins.

There will be a slew of decorative etchings, restored chairs, tiles, cocktail tables, and multi-piece brass chandeliers for various cruises from throughout Carnivals.

To commemorate the first day of the celebration, the lounge will also display a bronze statue of Carnival founder Ted Arison and the Finnish shipbuilder Martin Saarikangas, which was originally given as a gift from the Kvaerner Masa-Yards to the company following the delivery of Carnival Sensation in 1993.

Carnival has announced five main groups aboard Carnival Celebration: 820 Biscayne, Celebration Central, The Ultimate Playground, Summer Landing, and Lido. The Golden Jubilee will be in a final, as-of-yet unannounced zone.

A roller coaster will be added to the ship''s top.

Carnival Cruise

Where Will The Carnival Celebration Be Going?

The Carnival Celebration, the company''s second ship to be powered by a Liquefied Natural Gas propulsion system, will travel for five-, six-, seven-, and eight-day cruises to the Eastern and Western Caribbean.

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