You'll Soon Be Able To Find Victoria's Secret On Amazon

You'll Soon Be Able To Find Victoria's Secret On Amazon ...

With both beauty standards and how we shop, it''s been a difficult few years for brands that were dependent on older models.

Get Victoria''s Secret & Company Report, which was once considered to be the brand of women''s lingerie, has had a particularly worrisome year.

After receiving severe criticism for prohibiting larger and disabled individuals while oversexualizing thin ones, the company canceled its annual Angels runway event in 2019 (it was eventually brought back less than the models) and promised to pursue a more inclusive and modern lifestyle.

Victoria''s Secret market share fell from 38.1 percent in 2013 to 28.1 percent in 2018.

Is There A Way to Inclusivity Going Through Amazon?

Although not all have been equally popular, Victoria''s Secret has taken a number of actions to sculpt its new concept as a more "inclusive" brand since going public in August 2021.

Fromplaying around with body-positive advertising to developing an underwear line for teenage girls via marketing material of girls with determined faces sitting in nature, which is almost a cliche.

The brand''s most recent move takes a turn away from advertising and toward selling its products.

Over 121 of Victoria''s Secret beauty and wellness products will be available on Amazon (AMZN) as of April 29, 2018. Reportin is a dedicated Victoria''s Secret online store.

Beauty Products Only (For Now)

These include branded fragrances.

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People of a certain age will remember spraying themselves with those on a Friday visit to the mall, mists, lotions, body scrubs, and body washings.

The Amazon store in the United Kingdom is currently limited to VS Beauty products, but will continue to provide new products as it considers consumer interest.

At some point in the future, bras, nightgowns, and activewear may also be featured on Jeff Bezos'' platform.

"This is a natural channel extension for us to continue expanding our beauty business and to meet customers where they are with their loved ones," says Greg Unis, the chief executive officer of Beauty at VS&Co.

Will Amazon Help Save Victoria''''s Secret?

While Victoria''s Secret''''s earlier efforts at transformation were geared toward a more in-your-face approach, "look at how inclusive we are!" style of marketing may go much farther to help it get and retain buyers.

Besides changing beauty standards, Victoria Secret''s previous struggles have a lot to do with its business model.

The majority of its sales came from its shopping mall locations for years. It was not able to pivot online as quickly as some competitors as the retail boom shook in.

The move towards Amazon is significant because it allows a brand to gain access to the platform''s vast audience, but it can also drive users away from its own platform and provide Amazon with valuable information about sales that might be used for competing products.

Get NIKE, Inc. Class B Report, which began partnering with Amazon in 2017, eventually pulled its products off the platform by 2019.

"Ultimately, the program did not provide Nike the right tools or, most importantly, their own products," he said at the time. "Decreasing third-party sales does not guarantee an increase in first-party sales."

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