Log4shell, according to a survey, was a major wake-up call for cloud security, according to 95 percent of IT executives

Log4shell, according to a survey, was a major wake-up call for cloud security, according to 95 perce ...

According to a new study from Valtix, 95 percent of IT executives believe Log4Shell was a powerful wake-up call for cloud security, changing it permanently. Following Log4Shell, the study highlights key trends in cloud workload security, including reporting on patching efforts and business implications that remain until 2022.

Log4Shell was exploited in 2021 and disrupted the whole global cybersecurity landscape. In short, the humble piece of open-source software, a popular platform with enterprise apps and cloud services, quickly became the worry of IT teams, executives, and boards, as they scrambled to protect their most valuable data, systems and platforms.

According to research, 87 percent of IT leaders are still dealing with Log4J patching three months after the incident, stating that Log4Shell has impacted their ability to address their business goals. Many organizations remain sensitive to what is happening within the cloud environment, thus increasing cloud visibility.

While public clouds provide new opportunities to modernize and transform organizations, many organizations have struggled to develop a cloud security operating model that is more accessible than their legacy datacenter. While both organizations are still dealing with Log4J, they are also looking to invest in cloud security technology that will assist them prepare for the next crisis.

In March 2022, Valtix met with an independent research firm to survey 200 cloud security executives across the United States to better understand how the incident affects IT teams'' perceptions and security in response to Log4Shell.

The complete report by Valtix is available here.

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