What's Twitter's Feeling About Disney's 'Moon Knight' This Season?

What's Twitter's Feeling About Disney's 'Moon Knight' This Season? ...

The Marvel Universe is a big place.

There are always certain titles, usually in the The Avengers series, that explain the specific story that Marvel Comics has decided on for the line at the time.

And then there are fun titles off to the side, who kind of do their own thing and tell their own stories, and arent put under pressure to interact with the Marvel Universe as a whole.

These kinds of titles allow the creators to be more experimental and doing the things that the more mainstream titles cant do, and they often develop strong cult followings.

There was a time when this described The X-Men line, mainly during the 80s of legendary artist Chris Claremont, as well as several runs on Daredevil.

The Moon Knight line of books has always come true to this lineage. So far, this is the case for the Moon Knight series on Disney+ (DIS) - Get Walt Disney Company Reportthat will finish its first season next week.

Moon Knight Just Does Its Own Thing

Doug Moench and Don Perlin created Moon Knight in 1975, and he''s always been an odd duck.

On the other hand, he is long-definited as analogue to Batman, a cape-wearing, street-level adventurer who uses his fists and gadgets to combat crimes.

He has a fascinating backstory and a range of topics: He is a former mercenary named Marc Spector, who is also a millionaire, who was resurrected by Egypt''s God Khonshu in order to become his instrument of justice.

He is a sociative disorder that enables him to have multiple personalities, and it often implies that the whole Egyptian God thing is a delusion. Hes also a Jewish lineage, and many writers have used that to tell stories about Jewish identity and generational trauma.

Moon Knight is only a lot, and because Marvel will allow more creative freedom with their lesser-known characters, he has been reinterpreted many times of the years.

Jeremy Slater, the director and producer of a series, has said that he and his company used his ideas from various presentations on the character, keeping what worked and discarding some of the most awaited ideas.

The characters love romance, played by May Calamawy, is much less passive than she was in the original books.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has allowed Marvel to highlight various secondary characters, like The Scarlet Witch in WandaVision and The Falcon in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which lack too much screen time.

It has also allowed Marvel to take some bold creative swings, without the need to make everything fit the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Burger King Goes Green (Beyond the Impossible Whopper)

The week after the premiere of "Moon Knight" and "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness," Marvel gets content more or less all year round.

The first Moon Knight release, which featured dozens of critics and fans, was mostly satisfied.

The horror movie and Indiana Jones style global adventure made the superhero genre popular, although some critics found it all a bit confusing considering the characters'' unique story.

Several people commented that the unit did not seem to intersect with the great MCU, but other fans expressed their admiration for the unit.

As well as the sweetly stammering alternate personality Steven Grant, Oscar Isaac loved the performance as the Hard-as-nails Spector.

The series hasn''t been officially launched for a second season, but Director Kevin Feige has stated that he intends to include him in the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe films.

Disney has issued a statement.

How Does Twitter Feel About Moon Knight Now?

Now that the season has passed, it''s time to check in and see how everyone is feeling about it.

While The Ringer''s commentary believes the plot may be a bit of a depreciation, Daniel Chin appreciates the similarities as the season progresses.

The Mary Sue admired the most recent episode of exploration of Moon Knight''s trauma.

Some of the previous two episodes, which we will''t spoil, are choppy for fans of the show.

Everyone Loves Isaac

The only real significant drawback people consider to have is that, like in comics, Spector is Jewish, a point the show has recently confirmed.

While everyone agrees that Isaac is unbelievable in the role, there are some individuals who wish a Jewish actor would have been cast, even though they''re pleased that this leads to greater representation for the Jewish people in the MCU overall.

A thoughtful post from The Mary Sue explains how all of those thoughts can be shared simultaneously, since people are permitted to have complex, contradictory feelings.

She discussed how Jewish cultural identity and how it is depicted in the present day didn''t necessarily correspond with Judaism as a religion in the post.

It''s a complicated issue with no clear-cut consensus, and Isaac''s casting (and the fact that the character is depicted as rejecting the Jewish faith) raises a number of questions, which there are no simple answers.

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