Madison Cawthorn, a man-choice GOP, might be in hot water for pumping, permitting Brandon Crypto to be withdrawn without divulging that he invested in the Shady coin

Madison Cawthorn, a man-choice GOP, might be in hot water for pumping, permitting Brandon Crypto to  ...

Madison Cawthorn is having a terrible, terrible, no good, very bad week.

Regardless of whether or not you missed the many, many headlines over the rookie representatives'' disastrous couple of days, heres a brief breakdown: he was caught trying to sneak a loaded pistol into an airport, photos showing him wearing women''s jewelry and lingerie were leaked by a former member of his inner circle, and he accused his fellow Republicans of targeting him. Weirdly enough, Cawthorn might use most to defend himself against a coordinated attack by insiders, which he did

According to the Washington Examiner, several watchdog organizations have reported that Cawthorn had violated federal insider trading legislation after failing to disclose his stake in the cryptocurrency named after a derogatory anti-Joe Biden chant, Lets Go, Brandon.

In December of 2021, Cawthorn shared a photo of himself and the founder of LGBCoin using a caption that reads, "LGB legends." Tomorrow, we go to the moon! After publicly declaring that he bought a stake in LGBCoin, Cawthorn failed to disclose it, which violates laws that require members of Congress to disclose crypto purchases. The following day, the 30-day report, Cawthorns predicted LGBCoins value came true. NASCAR

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Watchdog groups looking into the situation believe there is enough evidence of insider trading regulations being violated to derail Cawthorn, pointing to his social media post and its timing as a result of the Browns announcement, which increased the price of LGBCoin by 75 percent.

This appears to be quite, quite bad, according to Dylan Hedtler and the director of the Project on Government Oversight at The Washington Examiner. This does look like a classic case where you got some insider information and acting on that information. And that''s illegal.

Other insiders claim Cawthorn might be sentenced to prison if investigators prove he had not disclosed about the crypto company he planned to deal with Brown before buying a stake in it. A member of Cawthorns'' own party, Republican Senator Thom Tillis defended the young Congressman''s cryptocurrency scheme.

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