Bakar Is The Moment

Bakar Is The Moment ...

In terms of genre, style, and in his early days, even by a name, Bakar wants the listener to cherish the moment in which he hears and feels it. On Bakar''s debut album, Februarys Nobodys Home, every track unfolds like a book, revealing his most cherished moments, lining in Hampstead, Camden, and Chalk Hill.

In this video for NW3, we get a visual of Bakar''s day-to-day life. Obispoon, enjoying a meal with friends, or smoking in his flat, Bakar finds solace in each moment, often losing in time, and dancing throughout.

Before Bakar, born Abubakar Baker Shariff-Farr, discovered the answer in NW, he launched much of his music on Soundcloud beginning in 2015, anonymously. Oftentimes, he would upload vocal freestyles over samples of King Krule and Bombay Bicycle Club, some of his raw, unfiltered lyrics opening doors to his soul. One of these tracks is 2016s Sharing Is Caring, on which he reels over a lost love.

Hope that you believe like I''ve paid for it, and you paid for it too much, but you may lose it, according to Bakar. As adlibbed hums and coos give the song a forlorn and haunting touch.

Bakar''s work focuses on Kid Cudi and Dev Hynes, one of whom Bakar has been a fan of since Hynes Lightspeed Champion days. In 2010, Hynes and Bloc Partys Kele Okereke were among his favorite artists during Bakar''s adolescence. These are probably the closest findings well ever obtained in regards to his actual age. In a 2018 interview, Badkid Bakar said his age was infinity.

Bakar would release a new EP called Will You Be My Yellow?, which contained Hell N Back, a breakthrough hit. Like Bakar himself, his music is ageless as he speaks about a tumultuous connection with jazzy horns and gentle drum patterns.

What happened to me when you discovered me? Me and you went to hell and return just to discover peace, and he sings, delivering soft, silky vocals, with his soulful British accent still audible throughout.

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