Walmart Takes on Lululemon (Really)

Walmart Takes on Lululemon (Really) ...

After the outbreak, it appears that everyone is developing a new athleisure line or set of products, as well as further confirmation that comfortable and stretchy clothes aren''t going anywhere.

Get Dick''s Sporting Goods, Inc. Report from Lululemon (LULU)

The number of athleisure lines from the National Public Health Network (NPD Group) increased from 1,600 in 2014 to 2,400 in 2021.

Where''''s The New Athleisure Line This Time?

Walmart (WMT) is the latest big-box retailer to develop a new range of athletic apparel, according to a Get Walmart Inc. report.

Love & Sports, an activewear and swimwear partnership betweenMichelle Smith and Stacey Griffith, will feature 121 items that include retro running and bike shorts, logo sweatshirts, nylon jackets, and one- and two-piece swimsuits.

Walmart is a manufacturer of electronics.

Each item will cost between $12 and $42, which will be available at or 1,500 Walmart stores across the United Kingdom. Sizes will range between XS and XXL for activewear and XS and XXL for swimwear.

Smith, the fashion designer for the Milly brand, designed the dress that Michelle Obama wore for the official portrait of her for the National Portrait Gallery in Washington.

Smith, her partner and celebrity SoulCycle instructor, was selected to develop a line that would once be both comfortable and bold and bright for summer. The nothing-over-$42 price tag keeps the line with Walmart''s low prices.

"Michelle and Stacey collaborated on the design process from start to finish, thoughtfully articulating every design about the athlete''s performance and the emerging fashion trends and colors in fitness, streetwear, and swim," Wallmart said in a blog post.

A Lot Of Athletic-Style Clothes Are Available to Everyone

Sales of business casual clothing fell as the Covid-19 outbreak hit the United States in spring 2020, while athleisure became a hot commodity.

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According to the NPD Group''s statistics, activewear sales rose from $52.3 billion to $70.8 billion between 2019 and 2021.

Walmart is doing a good job.

While early estimates indicated a decrease in business casual clothing sales when employees returned to their workplaces, the decline never occurred. While brands that produce slacks and party dresses saw a decrease in sales, the most popular clothing category is expected to remain activewear for many years in the future.

Athleisure, which is referred to as sporty-style clothes that can be worn out or to a casual workplace, is becoming increasingly popular as the distinctions between "staying in" and "going out" clothes become more blurred.

"They were once completely different in the minds of the consumer, and now you''ll see them becoming blurred more and more," says the designer.

Walmart is a company that is headquartered in Florida.

Athletic, Athleisure Or Business Casual?

Visits to Lulululemon increased by 1.2 percent in January, 27% in February, and 5.5 percent in March in between 2019 and 2022.

In the same months, Athleta, the Gap athletic clothing subsidiary, saw respective increases of 35.5%, 39.2%, and 33.2%.

According to a new survey, 23.2% of people who shop at Athleta and 24.1% of them who shop at Lululemon purchased items at Dick''s Sporting Goods in the first quarter of 2022.

Many retailers have also expanded their own line as a result of the success of organizations that specialize in this type of clothing.

"People are returning out after the epidemic, and we believe they''re looking for the comfort of mainstream wear," Walmart claims.

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