Krafton believes in a sophisticated approach to mergers and acquisitions

Krafton believes in a sophisticated approach to mergers and acquisitions ...

At GamesBeat Summit 2022, Michael Metzger, a partner at Drake Star Partners, spoke with Damian Lee from Krafton. They discussed the company''s IPO, M&A (mergers, acquisitions) and what''s ahead.

Bluehole Studio was formed as a holding company after winning 3.8 billion dollars on PlayerUnknowns Battleground. Krafton later held an IPO, which ended up netting the company. With these new funds, Krafton commenced selling studios. Unknown Worlds is one of the most recent acquisitions.

Lee believes Unknown Worlds is a phenomenal team that has been around for a very long time, including a very strong team. They were financially stable, so they did not need an investment, and they have concerns that anyone will have a problem with the creation. Are there problems in our creative process? Is someone going to come in and try to fire people on day one?''

How do you convince a company in that position to sell? Lee believes that each approach must be customized to the organization in question.

Lee said that while we were able to be certain that the executive producers at Krafton are capable of generating huge amount of power. It''s one of the most prolific gaming studios with subsidiaries, which is so high. If you don''t have a business background, then let us know.

Krafton''s approach appears to be working. This summer, Unknown Worlds is set to issue a new IP, with Subnautica 3 also on the horizon. For more of this interview please check out the GamesBeat Summit in 2022.

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