McDonald's is planning more big Macs (basically, smaller Macs?)

McDonald's is planning more big Macs (basically, smaller Macs?) ...

Get McDonald''s Corporation Reporthas built its business on consistency, delivering the same experience at every restaurant.

For roughly the first 25 years, this meant having a very simple menu that it worked flawlessly. Yes, it made changes and additions to the original hamburger, cheeseburger, fries, and beverages menu from the 1950s and 1960s, but added additions such as the Filet O'' Fish and the now iconic Big Mac were carefully planned.

Fast food became a steady growing business driven by speed, convenience, and familiarity. At the same time, the convenience became at least partially about the supply chain, but it''s not easy to serve the same hamburger and the same french fries at over 40,000 restaurants worldwide, but McDonald''s has increased the capacity to do this.

Get Yum! Brands, Inc. reports Taco Bell have adopted a sort of endless-innovation, no-food-off-limits approach to their menus -- think chicken wings, nacho fries, and tacos that use fried chicken as the shells -- McDonald''s has learned to return to basics.

McDonald''s is a digital store based in the United States.

Building McDonald''''s Around Fan Favorites

During his first quarter earnings call, Chief Executive Chris Kempczinski talked about the company''s "Fan Truth."

"Fan Truth" further enhanced this incredible connection. Creating a group discussion, sharing what our fans already love about us, and commemorating the rituals and memories that make our brand so special to them," he said.

Famous Orders in the United States was the first to discover this simple truth about everyone''s go-to order. This quarter, the menu glitches promotion, and our Super Bowl commercial were excellent examples of how we can find and identify Fan Truth and transform something that people already love, our food, into cultural moments.

The CEO also explained why these promotions slowed not only to delight customers, but also to keep the restaurant running smoothly.

"And because these promotions feature existing core menu items, there''s no additional strain on restaurant operations," he said.

McDonald''''s Builds on Its Core

Despite the fact that competitors increase their menu offerings to attract new customers or increase sales from current ones, McDonald''s has decided to lean more heavily into what is already working.

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"Our food is at the core of our customers'' relationship with our brand." In reality, our core menu is responsible for the vast majority of our company and our growth. So, we continue to be innovative with our classics," Kempczinski said.

New menu items will be added to the chain, but they will be constructed off existing platforms.

"This quarter, we featured a new blend of McCafe Ice Coffee in Australia with great results, and we continue to celebrate our core while keeping things simple through innovative line extensions," says a spokesman.

"We started with more than 100 core line extensions over the globe in 2021," the country said. This quarter, the United Kingdom introduced the Chicken Big Mac as a limited time offer, and it quickly became the market''s most successful food promotion ever, selling millions of sandwiches in the first two weeks.

During a limited-time Bacon Mac promotion, the Big Mac has been heavily included in these core extensions. This included Australia and Sweden seeing "significant increases in total Big Mac sold."

"These core line extensions improve our beloved Big Mac and drive continuous top-line growth, reassigning customers of why they like our core components like Big Mac," said the CEO.

"And it reminds us of a simple truth: Our menu should only consist of items that merit to be there, nothing more, nothing less."

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