Jack Harlow Shares Concerned DMs He Sent Bryson Tiller When he Was 17

Jack Harlow Shares Concerned DMs He Sent Bryson Tiller When he Was 17 ...

Bryson Tiller is only a few years older than Jack Harlow (29 vs. 24, respectively), but that wasn''t hindering Harlow from coming up to his fellow Louisville, Kentucky native in his younger days. When Harlow was 17, he took a moment to shout out Tiller via a DM exchange.

It started last night when Tiller offered support for Harlow, tweeting, and get ready for my bro Jacks new album. Soon youll see why he is number 1. MAY 6th. Harlow responded by writing, Dreams come true, and sharing a screenshot of a DM exchange they had on June 30, 2015.

Dreams come true https://t.co/oILI9D10YJ pic.twitter.com/KvjqLuByCx

Jack Harlow (@jackharlow) April 29, 2022

Harlow starts by expressing gratitude to Tiller for his excellent performance on a large stage. While expressing confidence about where he would go, writing, and studying your every move, I just turned 17. Im extremely confident in my craft and trajectory.

After Harlow reached out to Tiller about his hometown hero and express his desire to meet, Tiller replied, thank you man, thank you for making an informed decision. keep working. everything is possible.

Harlow''s debut album, 2020s That''s What They All Say, went No. 5, and Harlow has two no. 1 singles to his name: First Class and his Lil Nas X collaboration Industry Baby.

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