With flying colors, James Webb Telescope passes its image sharpness test.

With flying colors, James Webb Telescope passes its image sharpness test. ...

James Webb''s first scientific observation is so close to us.

After a thorough analysis, the alignment of NASA''s James Webb space telescope has been complete.

In a blog update, the space observatory was "capable" to capture crisp, well-focused images.

James Webb''s optical performance is nearly perfect.

Shortly after that step, the James Webb team met and agreed unanimously that Webb is ready to proceed on the first stage of science instrument commissioning. It will take approximately two months to complete, which will lead to James Webb''s science operations in the summer.

NASA exhibited a series of photographs showing the alignment of James Webb''s instruments and displaying its full field of view." Lee Feinberg, the photographer''s office assistant at NASA''s Goddard Space Flight Center, believes the remarkable test images from a successfully aligned telescope demonstrate what people across the country and continents can accomplish.

According to NASA, James Webb''s optical performance "continues to be superior to the engineering team''s most optimistic predictions." The telescope''s mirrors are now successfully directing fully focused light from space into each of its instruments. According to NASA, the image quality obtained by the instruments is "diffraction-limited," thus it is as effective as physically possible.

"We are surrounded by a symphony of creation"

Some staff responsible for Webb''s wavelength monitoring and controls Scott Acton said, "with the completion of telescope alignment and a half a lifetimes worth of effort, my role on the James Webb Space Telescope mission has come to an end.These images have profoundly altered the way I see the universe. There are galaxies everywhere! It is my hope that everyone in the world can see them."

It may take us two months to realize that James Webb will begin research activities, but it will eventually give an honest sense of the cosmos, as well as further exploration of extraterrestrial life and the implications of dark matter. Below, below and more, please keep an eye on this page.

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