There are 20 handy tools that you can carry anywhere in your pocket.

There are 20 handy tools that you can carry anywhere in your pocket. ...

Carrying your toolbox wherever you go is bound to be wreaky. Having a multi-function tool allows you to never worry about it again. With one tool, you can manage unexpected tasks without spending space and money.

Let''s say that you''re going for camping, outdoor activities, or fishing. Why not carry bulky tools when you can only take one and go?

Various multi-tools will enable you to handle any task, making your life easier.

Shard Keychain Solid State Tool for Gerber 7

Gerber Shard would win the award for multi-function applications. It has seven functions that are perfect for daily tasks and problems. Moreover, it is lightweight enough to carry in your purse.

It includes a cross driver, a pry bar, a wire stripper, a lanyard hole, a bottle opener, and small and medium flat drivers.

2.Stealth EDC Kit

The 5-in-one Stealth EDC (EveryDay Carry) kit is a game changer. If you''re atechnophile, then this kit will appeal to everyone.

With the same kit, you may open a bottle and transfer your music to your electronic devices. Its ring is perfect for many standard keys.

3.LEATHERMAN - FREE T4 multi-tool

With this multi-purpose tool, leatherman is there for all your daily needs. It''s a little but ensures that you''ll get big things done.

It includes any tool you might need, from package openers to knives. It''s lightweight and fits into your purse. Its blades are powerful and can handle high pressures.

4.Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen

It may appear like a regular pen, but it is not your typical tool. It can write under any circumstances, even when it''s raining. It fits into your pocket easily, and it is easily transported wherever you go.

This is a surprise: it can also break windows! It is also possible to get yourself out of danger situations.

58 Billion Heavy Duty Stun Gun: 5.VIPERTEK VTS-989

This is a flashlight and a stun gun combo that can fit in your pocket.

A stun gun is a good option for protecting yourself if you''re looking for an alternative to pepper sprays that you may use in dangerous situations. It has the capacity to shiver through tight clothing.

It''s also rechargeable and comes with a LED flashlight.

6.Commuter Kit

This Commuter Kit is great for any traveler. It includes a variety of tools, such as a smart key tool and a stainless s-biner.

This multi-tool will provide you with enough light to find all of your lost items if you frequently lose your items between your cars seats.

7.FREE P2 - Multipurpose Plier

Leatherman has changed the way we look at tools with its multipurpose tools. This plier is designed for comfort and durability. It is pocket-sized and will be your savior in many situations.

It''s very easy to use, and you may use it with one hand.

Nite Ize has five tools for the price of one. It includes an abottle opener, a wrench, a ruler, aflathead screwdriver, and a box cutter.

It''s possible to use it every day by hooking it to your bag or pants, so it''s a handy multi-tool. It''s also travel and airport friendly.

9.Griffin Pocket Tool

This Griffin multi-tool will be your beloved companion if you''re a beer fan. It''s one of the best bottle openers on the market. Griffin will save you life if you like to carry all of your tools in your purse.

You can solve any difficulty with just one multi-tool.

10.Gerber Curve Multi-Tool

This is a lightweight, stylish, and powerful multi-tool. It may look small; however, it''s surprisingly durable. It includes a 1.25" drop point blade, medium and small flathead screws, a Philips screwdriver, and a bottle opener.

Where you want, you may place the attachment easily.


There''s no need to go around for your multi-tool from now on, because this PocketMonkey, as you can understand from its name, fits easily into your pocket.

It''s quite lightweight and slightly thinner than a credit card. Whether you adjust screws to opening bottles, it will be your companion for your daily tasks. Moreover, it won''t break or rust.

12.SOG MacV Tool SM1001

This is a small but versatile gear that has 12 tools. It includes a small and small flathead driver, a small Phillips driver, a line cutter, a blade sharpener, and wrenches in several sizes, as well as a hex bit driver.

It may be attached to your keys and taken wherever you go.

13.Swiss+Tech ST50016

It might be big for a keychain, but it''s perfect for daily use. It''s a compact and easily transportable tool. It''s a versatile and versatile keyring. It has an integrated locking system that fits any keyring.

This versatile multi-tool includes pliers, a wire cutter, a wire stripper, a wire crimper, a bottle opener, and flat screwdrivers.

14.Kershaw PT-2 Compact Keychain

This multifunctional keychain tool may be attached to a keychain, a bag, a backpack, or a purse, allowing for all users to purchase it. It''s made of 8Cr13MoV stainless steel with a bead-blasted finish that increases toughness and durability while also making it wear-resistant. It has a glass-filled nylon handle overlay with an innovative K-texture pattern that increases stability and grip.

15.Victorinox Swiss Army

This Victorinox SwissTool has 27 functions, making it a must-have tool for every handyman. From opening bottles to cutting, there''s (near) nothing this multi-function tool can''t do.

It''s absolutely enough for your daily tasks.


This one is ideal for hunters and campers. It has everything it takes to get rid of regular pliers and wire cutters.

It''s convenient for both traveling and everyday use. The multi-tool can be attached to your keys because it''s fairly and compact.

17.The Halifax

This one is a complete game changer. It''s the smallest on the list with its sleek and modern design. It''s also durable. You can open a bottle or twist a screw. With this tool, you can do everything you need.

It''s ideal for everyday tasks. Its unique shape fits in your hands easily.

18.Gerber Center-Drive Multi-Tool

With the addition of a Gerber Center-Drive multi-tool, there''s nothing you can keep away from replacing your large, bulky toolbox. Its foldable, lightweight design allows you to transport it in your bag easily.

It will be a great addition to your daily life.

19.LEATHERMAN, Wave Plus Multitool

Wave Plus comes with pliers, interchangeable wire cutters, knives, a saw, spring-action scissors, and a ruler, can and bottle openers, and screwdrivers, among others. Even the ones that aren''t accessible from the inside, the tiny Wave Plus can be opened and used with just one hand.

20.LEATHERMAN Lightweight multi-tool with Combo Knife

This Leatherman multi-tool is equipped with a knife, fliers, a large exchangeable bit driver, wire-cutters, and a bottle opener. It''s all you need in one package.

It''s versatile enough for everyday use. It''s possible to carry it everywhere.

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