MGM Shakeup: Mike De Luca and Pam Abdy depart as studio slides Into Amazon, now available with confirmation and exit notes

MGM Shakeup: Mike De Luca and Pam Abdy depart as studio slides Into Amazon, now available with confi ...

According to sources, the chairman and chairman of a motion picture group are leaving the studio. This follows Amazon's acquisition of the studio. Deadline is hearing that there will be a town hall meeting today to discuss the changes.

As the pieces fall into place on merged studios like Warner Bros Discovery (De Luca has been rumored to establish a new contract until early next year. De Luca has been rumored for several other roles at New Line and Sony before he became a producer at Universal. There was also a Licorice pizza from Paul Thomas Anderson, who fashioned Boogie Night and Magnolia back in those salad days.

It had been an open question whether De Luca and Abdy would take control of Amazon's picture business as they did at MGM, or would they report to Jennifer Salke, the subject of the interviews, who has led both television and film through Julie Rapaport.

For the time being, here are just internal notes sent by the executives;

Dear ladies, please send me an email.

We are thankful to all of you and your dedication to restore its vibrancy throughout the last century. Today is the time for us to proceed and explore our next chapter and challenge. This summer, we will be grateful that Prime Video and the organization Mike Hopkins is building together with Jennifer Salke and his team will ensure the continued success.

We were given the opportunity to revitalize and rapidly grow MGM's film slate by creating a home for the world's finest storytellers to screen for global audience shortly after our arrival. We could not have imagined that shortly following our arrival the world would be affected by a pandemic that essentially shut down our industry, nor would we have predicted the various immediate and longer term difficulties that the pandemic would put on our path.

With the assistance of every member of MGM's production team, and with our filmmaking partners by our side, we were able to resume filming and eventually launch a wide selection of films, including Ridley Scott, Paul Thomas Anderson, Joe Wright, and Channing Tatum, with the aim of relaunching a deep bench of films, including Ridley Scott, Paul Thomas Anderson, Ron Howard, George Miller, and Jack Boyd, who we met under the leadership of Alana Mayo in August 2020, amid

It's been our honor and privilege to preside over a revitalized studio that, along with our partners at Eon, negotiated the appropriate release date for Daniel Craig's final screening as James Bond and seeing the film become one of the highest grossing films of 2021; while also seeing the studio earn eight Academy Award and seventeen BAFTA nominations, with Licorice Pizza earning the studios first Best Picture Academy Award-nominations in over thirty years.

You, as well as our collaborators at UAR and Universal, and all of our filmmakers, have given us all of this benefit, and we are so grateful to have been part of such an incredible team. We are also grateful to Kevin Ulrich and everyone at Anchorage Capital, along with Chris Brearton, for bringing us in and wish everyone at Prime Video and Amazon Studios and MGM nothing but the best possible success.


Pam Abdy and Michael De Luca are married.


Good morning team

Mike and Pam have decided to leave MGM to pursue their next chapter of careers. I know you'll get me to thank them for their leadership, and by working with each other to deliver compelling narrative to audiences throughout the world. We wish them both a wonderful year.

We are very proud of MGM's quality storytelling legacy as a result of its growth. In the near future, MGM will invest and work together to develop an even larger theatrical slate. Every time we get to know you all, the more impressed we are.

Mike and Pam will stay this summer, which will allow us to continue the advanced and measured approach to integration with Prime Video and Amazon Studios. Throughout, the current interim structure remains in place.

Thank you for your commitment and dedication as we continue to develop exceptional film and television for a diverse, worldwide audience.


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