Olumide Olorunfemi and Bebe Bettencourt Join Hulu Pilot on 'The History Of A Pleasure Seeker'

Olumide Olorunfemi and Bebe Bettencourt Join Hulu Pilot on 'The History Of A Pleasure Seeker' ...

The pilot continues to expand into the cast.

Olumide Olorunfemi has joined forces with Bebe Bettencourt, who has produced Venom: Let There Be Carnage.

The project, which was based on Richard Mason's novel, is a musical drama set in Amsterdam in 1907, a narrative of a charismatic young man's hidden adventures during the Belle Epoque.

Piet Barol, who has an instinctive appreciation for pleasure and a gift for discovering it in his book, gets married when his mother decides to leave his family's property on one of Amsterdam's finest canals. As Piet enters this glittering world, he learns its secrets and finds his life changed.

Callum Kerr and Carla Woodcock are the stars of the film.

Olorunfemi plays Sisanda, a Xhosa woman raised in South Africa's Eastern Cape, who is accustomed to being the most admired young lady in her village. She did not envision living her life cleaning other people's floors.

Bettencourt plays Louisa, who has her father's entrepreneurial instincts, and is exasperated by her social position. She is a keen observer of human frailty and is the strategist who maintains her sister's social dominance over their gilded world.

ABC Signature is launching a pilot in collaboration with producer Fremantle and Hat Trick Productions, the British company responsible for producing films such as Showtime's Episodes and Anna Paquin's Flack.

With Robinson, the producer of The Greatest Showman, and director Michael Gracey, the composers of The Greatest Showman, Jimmy Mulville, and Fremantle, a Mason executive, will compose the music, along with Mason, and serves as executive producer.

Olorunfemi, who has appeared in several short films such as Rhyme or Die and Big Age, has been condemned by the Independent Talent Group.

Bettencourt, who also starred alongside Eric Bana in the feature film The Dry, and stars in Joseph Kosinski's Spiderhead alongside Miles Teller, is being chastised by Independent Talent, United Management, and Principal LA.

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