Gravitas Premiere launches a new Theatrical release label, featuring Katie Aselton's 'Mack & Rita,' starring Diane Keaton, and set as the first buyer

Gravitas Premiere launches a new Theatrical release label, featuring Katie Aselton's 'Mack & Rita,'  ...

An Anthem Sports & Entertainment Company has announced the creation of its own theatrical release label, which will include 4-6 cast-driven, high production value films per year and allow them to be released wide theatrically, thanks to significant P&A support. On August 12, the first title on Premiere's docket is Katie Aselton's drama dramedy, which will feature Diane Keaton.

Mackenzie Martin (Elizabeth Lail) is tired of doing everything she has to do to keep up and get ahead in her 30s, especially when she was young, and she is much more generous in her own skin than others. While at her best friend's bachelorette in Palm Springs, Mack discovers a sound bath regression pod and emerges a 70-year-old woman. Mack quickly discovers self-acceptance, but says skipping to old age isn't quite what she imagined.

Taylour Paige, Loretta Devine, Simon Rex, Amy Hill, Wendie Malick, Patti Harrison, and Nicole Byer are all actors in the film, with Paris Kassidokostas-Latsis, John D. Straley, Jojo Ryder, Lauren Beveridge, Brett Beveridge, and Jackie Shenoo on the directing slate. On December 20, Hulu will be a Pay One U.S. partner.

Aselton and Saks said that "we're so pleased to be working on Mack & Rita with the incredible team at Gravitas Ventures as they launch their new studio, Gravitas Premiere. "Their compassion and collaboration, as well as their commitment to a wide theatrical release, are a dream for us as filmmakers."

We at Gravitas, the whole team is committed to taking part in the lives of 'Mack & Rita,' according to Bill Guentzler, the director of Gravitas Ventures. Katie Aselton, Alex Saks, and Diane Keaton have crafted a funny and emotional inter-generational story filled with joy and passion. Through Gravitas Premiere, we hope to share the magic of this film with theater audiences this summer."

We are delighted to announce the release of 'Mack & Rita,' a documentary that we are attempting to develop on the big screen. 'Mack & Rita,' according to Gravitas Ventures' Founder & CEO Nolan Gallagher, is the type of high-quality, independently-produced film we are seeking to acquire through Gravitas Premiere. We are looking forward to working with our exhibition partners in bringing the film to cinemas throughout North America.

Gravitas Ventures has established a distributor of indie features and documentaries in 2006, which was sold to Anthem Sports & Entertainment last November. Recent releases from the company include Michael Lembeck's Queen Bees, Gabriela Cowperthwaite's Our Friend, which stars Casey Affleck, Dakota Johnson, and Jason Segel, Vanguard, which is directed by Stanley Tong and features Jackie Chan, and Andy Tennant's The Secret: Dare to Dream, which stars Katie Holmes

Guentzler, the filmmakers, negotiated a deal for Mack & Rita in the name of Gravitas Ventures, with WME Independent.

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