Travis Knight, Laika's creator, will direct a stop-motion film 'The Night Gardener,' written by Bill Dubuque

Travis Knight, Laika's creator, will direct a stop-motion film 'The Night Gardener,' written by Bill ...

The CEO and CEO of KCMUMBo and the Two Strings are gearing up to direct the stop-motion animated feature, written by Ozark co-creator, for his storied Hillsboro, Oregon studio. (Check out a film still unveiled by Laika below.)

The movie based on Dubuque's original image is described as a gritty neo-noir folktale centered on a young man in rural Missouri, who's fighting to keep his family together in the wake of a tragedy. Pic will direct the animated film, which is now in production for Wildwood, the first film set in Portland, Oregon. Knight is currently working on Wildwood, the latest film, which is based on Colin Meloy, who is best known as the lead singer and

The Night Gardener is a beautiful and timeless story that fastens the pulse as often as it breaks the heart, Knight said. Bill is a powerful storyteller. Hes created a complex narrative, provocative ideas, and profound insight. It's gonna be one helluva film.

Travis Knight reveals in The Night Gardener a story worthy of LAIKA's in-house artisans' time-consuming process and collective dedication. "It's also amazing how far one can make storytelling magic," said Dubuque. "Lataka's creativity and detail are, in my view, as far as one may be possible.

Knight founded Laika in 2005, after seeing each of the studio's five features up to dateCoraline (2009), ParaNorman (2009), The Boxtrolls (2017), and Missing Link (2019)have earned an Oscar nomination. Bumblebee is also in the works at his studio, inspired by John Brownlow's forthcoming debut film, Seventeen.

Dubuque co-written The Judge with Robert Downey Jr. and Robert Duvall, who both received an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor. He also directed The Accountant, which stars Ben Affleck, and is the co-creator, writer, and executive producer of Netflix's hit show Ozark, which will be released on April 29.

CAA and Bloom Hergott Diemer represent Knight. Dubuque is a self-described knight.

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