Wayfair's 48-hour event has 41 of the best day deals on Saturday Night Live

Wayfair's 48-hour event has 41 of the best day deals on Saturday Night Live ...

If you've ever wanted to get rid of something bigger like a new sofa, mattress, or patio set, then here's your chance. Wayfair has officially launched its offering with discounts of up to 80% on a large selection of home goods, including furniture, beds, kitchen appliances and much more. The whole sale process here:

This 48-hour flash sale is only available for tomorrow, Thursday, April 28. Here are a few of the best Way Day deals you can get right now. Below, you'll find some of the best deals you can get right now. Always enjoy these features, including discounts, and recent information about flash deals.

The best furniture deals

Recliners are quite costly, but this 33.5-inch wide model has a few variations. It isn't powered, therefore you need to manually recline it and fold it back, but that's a minor concern at this cost.

This sofa comes with throw pillows, as well as a large ottoman. It's well-designed to be hand facing, so you'll need to check your living area to make sure that everything works for you.

These counter stools come in two sizes, making it quite simple to get four of them. They hold up to 264 pounds and the seat sits at 25.6 inches off the ground.

  • (Save $127)
  • (Save $303)
  • (Save $128)
  • (Save $20)
  • (Save $70)
  • (Save $215)
  • (Save $210)
  • (Save $47)

The best appliance deals

Food processors can be used for a variety of tasks, such as making salsa (which is my favorite dish). This one comes with a S blade, a shredding disc, and a slicing disc attachment, which is all dishwasher safe for easy clean up. This type of dish can be used to shred cheese, prepare sauces, chop veggies, and more.

What you need is a portable griddle top that can be used in a variety of situations. Blackstone is the brand you want, and this 2-burner option is fantastic to have in a camper, on your deck, and more. It is possible to combine these two methods with a few techniques: whipping, stirring, washing, and picking the correct seeds.

Air fryers are great way to cook especially in the summer months. You no longer have to heat up your entire house just to get some crispy chicken or reheat your leftovers. This fryer has a great capacity and several cooking methods to make it even easier to use.

  • (Save $37)
  • (Save $250)
  • (Save $12)
  • (Save $25)
  • (Save $200)
  • (Save $400)
  • (Save $154)
  • (save $180)

Best outdoor and patio deals

Although the weather is getting warmer, there's nothing like a nice fire on some of these cooler nights still. Propane fire pits are the easiest way to reduce a fire when guests are over, and the best part is you don't have to worry about it once it's lit, unless you have a lot of propane. This includes the pit and rocks to put inside, but you'll need to supply your own propane tank.

Whether you want to remodel your yard or you just want to have a more covered space outside, this gazebo is a must-have. It is water-resistant, made of solid wood, and ideal for summer use. This option measures 11 feet wide by 13 feet deep and is approximately 9.5 feet high inside.

  • (Save $60)
  • (Save $850)
  • (Save $220)
  • (Save $120)
  • (Save $198)
  • (Save $45)
  • (Save $126)
  • (Save $180)
  • (Save $30)
  • (Save $75)
  • (Save $20)

The best bed deals

Looking for a new bed to fit into your guest room? This is a great affordable bed that fits six inches thick and can be used on a single frame or on the top of a box spring depending on your preference. All sizes are on sale, with the California King size being the most expensive at $146.

  • (Save $74)
  • (Save $327)
  • (Save $79)
  • (Save $78)
  • (Save $130)

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