Strider receives $45 million in data intelligence that assists companies in avoiding economic espionage threats

Strider receives $45 million in data intelligence that assists companies in avoiding economic espion ...

In a series B round of funding, a platform that assists businesses, governments, and research institutions in protecting intellectual property (IP), talent, and supply chains.

Strider, a Salt Lake City, founded in 2019, has developed two core products. It leverages unintended datasets spanning industrial policy statements, international patent information, among others publicly available, to assist companies identify which of their core technologies may be most at-risk from nation-state actors.

Feeding into this are "risk signals," which combine tens of thousands of primary data sources with a "proprietary risk methodology" to detect high-risk activities and provide organizations with information to comply.

Besides that, the Strider platform can even highlight "competitor relationships," implying the flow of knowledge within a given sector, including competitors that a businesss employees are moving to, posing a source of insider dangers.

This is especially important for government agency employees, who may unwittingly be recruited by firms with ties to "hostile" states.

Strider Shield, a company's second product, has leveraged its risk signal data to assist companies "take a proactive approach" to mitigate IP theft, compliance, and talent loss. Strider Shield, using data such as email addresses, domain names, keywords, and other methods, to help organizations expedite investigations and assist security and legal teams in the process.

Strider had raised around $12 million before receiving its latest $45 million cash injection. It is well-financed to double down on its recent growth, which has resulted in the establishment of a slew of Fortune 500 corporations across the pharmaceutical, aerospace, semiconductor, and energy sectors.

Strider's A round was led by Valor Equity Partners, with participation from Koch Disruptive Technologies, One9 Ventures, and DataTribe.

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