This Week on TV: 'Ozark' and 'Grace and Frankie' are both in charge of the NFL

This Week on TV: 'Ozark' and 'Grace and Frankie' are both in charge of the NFL ...

The season two of Netflix's most popular series, which is the streamer's longest running, come to an end this week when they release their final episodes. The April 27-May 3 period also brings the annual NFL Draft, an early start for an ABC summer favorite, as well as a series about The Godfather's creation.

Below is the breakdown of premieres, returns, and specials from The Hollywood Reporter over the next seven days. It would be next to impossible to see everything, but let the THR guide you through the next week. All times are ET/PT unless otherwise.

The Big Shows

Grace and Frankie will conclude their season with 94 episodes after its last batch starts on Friday, with three more episodes than Orange Is the New Black. Both shows have had a much shorter run (44 episodes) but it is one of the streamer's biggest hits. Both episodes end their season Saturday, with four episodes coming last summer, while Ozark drops the second half of their fourth and last season.

The two shows have surpassed 31 Emmy nominations (Ozark has won three), with more likely to appear this year. Grace and Frankie is also the last show from Netflix's first wave of series, it was just the third original live-action comedy to debut on the service, and its closing will mark the end of an era.

Also on streaming...

The Game Show features Howie Mandel, who talks about Jon Krakauer's books on Sunday night. The FX-produced based on Jon Krakauer's bestseller, premieres Thursday on Hulu. Both Seasons Two of Made for Love and Part Two of The Way Down are expected to arrive Thursday on HBO Max. Elisabeth Moss will star in the second season of Undone on Prime Video.

On broadcast...

The NFL Draft: A parade of college football stars crossing a stage has begun this year, with three days of extensive coverage on three different outlets. The first round of the broadcast on ABC, ESPN, and the NFL Network will air in primetime, with ESPN2 reeling in in response to an NBA playoff game on the latter. Saturday's coverage begins at noon ET/9 p.m. PT, with ESPN returning to the other two outlets.

Duncanville starts its third season at 7:30pm Sunday as part of PBS' Masterpiece. NBC's first-year drama The Endgame finishes its season at 10 p.m. Monday. ABC gets an early jump on its summer slate with Holey Moley (8 p.m., The Chase (9 p.m.) and the true-crime series Who Do You Believe? (10 p.m.)


Vanessa Bayer, a newbie to The Tonight Show, stars in I Love That for You (8:30 p.m. Saturday, Showtime), a comedy about a childhood cancer survivor (which Bayer is in real life) who dreams of becoming a home-hopping host, even if she has to lie a little before getting the show. Molly Shannon and Jenifer Lewis also star.

Season two of Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy finishes at 9 p.m. Sunday on BBC America. Ten Percent, a British adaptation of Call My Agent!, features on Showtime's second season Ziwe at 11 p.m. Sunday.

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