The Range's 'Urethane' is a Grime-infused audiovisual dreamscape

The Range's 'Urethane' is a Grime-infused audiovisual dreamscape ...

Back in 2016, James Hinton released one of the most creative electronic albums of the year in Potential. Hinton presented IDM-leaning productions, cut with the sounds of internet clips that ruffled him, and blinked his imagination. This was six years ago and Hinton began listening to YouTube video about him, sometimes enthralling him, and simply piqued his imagination. It's time for him to finally release the next album from The Range in Mercury, which outlines a broad conceptual path for

Hinton is introducing a sample from "Ice Rink," a remix of MIK, which was originally included in a 2015 compilation by Chip Butty Records. The track has grime, footwork, and even hardcore rave vibes, but it's the lyricism that prompted Hinton to rise.

I had moved from the thick of it in Brooklyn to rural Vermont in late winter 2019 and I felt like I had a mutually agreed upon separation from the world. Those words were defiant to me and I liked that as a way of fighting back against that feeling.

The audio for the track directed by Stevie Gee and Essy May features an animation reminiscent of the classic Johnny Quest. Hinton explained that it reflects to the album's title and how the clip's story arc demonstrates mercury as the world's most valuable asset. The characters are pitted against an err...mercurial antagonist, as well as themes of change, decay, growth, and rebirth.

Watch the video for "Urethane" above, and see the album's composition and tracklist for Mercury below.

1. Bicameral 2. 1995 3. Urethane 4. Ricercar 5. Not For Me 6. Relegate 7. A Tree Day 8. Balm 9. Cantor 10. Every Good Thing 11. Violet

Mercury has been released 6/10 on Domino Records. Pre-order it.

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