MuleSoft is launching an Anypoint Code Builder, a tool that will assist developers in navigating integrations faster

MuleSoft is launching an Anypoint Code Builder, a tool that will assist developers in navigating int ...

A new integrated development environment (IDE) has been established, owned by a company that aims to integrate disparate enterprise software systems.

The system, which was previously announced during the Salesforce conference, has a contemporary user experience built on the Visual Studio Code editor and allows developers to design, implement, and deploy APIs and integrations from a single environment for an app, service, or customer experience.

The unified environment of Anypoint Code Builder provides developers with built-in recommendations during design times as well as a library of common and integration techniques. It may assist them complete the task that previously required costly custom code and weeks of time in a few days.

We need to be able to keep up with increasing customer demand for bitcoin transactions, said the senior manager for engineering and product management at Coinbase. Using MuleSoft, we can continue to increase developer productivity and build integrations faster in a readily available hosted environment with minimal configuration and rich code-editing capabilities.

API improvements

MuleSoft is also developing universal API management capabilities by allowing Anypoint Flex Gateway and Anypoint API Governance to be widely available. This latter provides enterprise security and manageability across any API, environment, or architecture, as well as permitting developers to perform high standards. Moreover, the latter allows businesses to define and operationalize governance rules across all their APIs to comply with industry regulations and internal design standards, without adding friction to development.

In the future, Anypoint's Flex Gateway and API Governance will be available, while Anypoint Code Builder will be available in general availability in the second half of 2022. MuleSoft claims that these easy-to-use solutions will save developers time and allow them to concentrate rather than complex code and inefficient processes. According to a Salesforce study, developer productivity had decreased due to long learning.

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