Coherent has raised $75 million in Series B to enable development in the hybrid-work future

Coherent has raised $75 million in Series B to enable development in the hybrid-work future ...

Coherent claims its aim is to "ignite building business software for coders and non-coders," the no-code SaaS provider, which creates out of business logic inside spreadsheets.

Coherent Spark, a Tampa, FL-based business, converts any kind of business logic in a spreadsheet such as rules, formulas, and data models into an application programming interface that can easily connect to other front- and back-end applications.

Spark's no-code app provides in a few minutes what can take days or weeks to develop a traditional business software process (the manual processes of writing specifications, programming, testing, and iterating), according to Brisco. Spark provides access to well-established IT firms to focus on business innovation.

With Coherent Spark, coders and non-coders can accelerate and cloud migration programs. This is an excellent arrangement for business and IT teams to build software together, and it will become an indispensable part of any technology stack powering business operations.

Microsoft Excel is the world's most common business application, which is able to handle critical business operations every day. Despite this, businesses have struggled to audit, manage, scale, and connect spreadsheets seamlessly to other business applications, according to Grandview Research.

Coherent Spark has surpassed Microsoft Excel's universal knowledge and depths on its API connection to applications, including automated testing, auditability, and other enterprise-grade capabilities, bringing increased efficiency to developers and line-of-business employees.

"Coherent Spark bridges the gap between the rapid deployment of business applications and the familiarity of employing spreadsheets," said Albert Koh, a senior investor at Owl Rock, a Blue Owl business.

Coherent's API platform has already provided significant benefits to more than 60 Fortune 500 global insurance companies and banks. The firm has a services partner network that includes Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Salesforce, Cognizant, Capgemini, Capco, and Synpulse.

According to the.The company is competing in the API design and implementation market with Postman, SwaggerHub, Stoplight, Apiary, Mulesoft, SAP, and other companies, according to the.The funding round included,, and current investors.

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