Doppler raises $20 million for the SecretOps solution to protect developers''secrets.'

Doppler raises $20 million for the SecretOps solution to protect developers''secrets.' ...

Today, the SecretOps platform announced that it had raised $20 million as part of a Series A funding round led by CRV. The solution is designed to provide developers with a protection for'secrets', such as tokens, encryption keys, API keys, and certificates that cybercriminals harvest.

Dopper provides developers with a secure storage, transmitting, and auditing solution, so that information is transferred to devices, environments, and team members.

Doppler offers a single location for developers to collaborate and organize secrets without having to disclose secrets on less secure platforms, such as, email, or via git and zip files.

Assisting developers to keep secrets

While many organizations have adopted remote work, the communication and collaboration tools that most employees rely on to work are unsuitable for sharing sensitive information, and are vulnerable to being targeted by cyber criminals. These methods also provide no options for tracking anyone who used secrets.

"Developers need a system to securely store and manage their secrets at scale, with a built-in audit trail, versioning, enterprise grade encryption, and dynamic secrets," said Doppler's founder.

"Doppler is the first universal secrets platform for developers to seamlessly manage and secure application secrets at an all-time high. It allows developers to collaborate and sync information, as well as for their and security counterparts to avoid secret sprawl, leaks, and outages," Vallelunga said.

Slack and. The program, which provides project and environment based grouping of secrets, audit trails, versioning, secrets rotation, dynamic secrets, smart alerts, reminders, and notifications for assisting organizations manage secrets.

Competitions for secret protection

While Doppler is still in early stages, it has already received some promising results in assisting developers in dealing with security concerns, including Puma, Hopin, ezCater, Toast, Gather, My Muscle Chef, and OnDeck.

Toutefois, the provider is on trial with a broad spectrum of other companies, including HashiCorp Vault, which provides teams with a secure storage area for tokens, passwords, certificates, and encryption keys, which achieved a $5 billion increase following a $175 million fundraising round in 2020.

Another competitor is, which was acquired last year, which allows developers to replace plaintext secret values with references, and provides an agent that automatically loads secrets into the users app whenever it runs, while maintaining access controls and audit records.

One of the major benefits of Doppler is that its platform is developer-focused, focusing on improving the experience they gain when managing secrets at an all-time high.

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