Which Apple Phone in 2022 is the best iPhone?

Which Apple Phone in 2022 is the best iPhone? ...

When it was introduced on the market 15 years ago, there were only one model and it was only available on the market. So, if you wanted an iPhone, the only choice you made in 2007 was whether you wanted 4 or 8GB of storage.

In the last decade and a half, many things have changed. You may find an iPhone that fits into any budget and access features such as iMessage, FaceTime, Apple Music, and more. I was surprised by the improvements when the iPhone was released in 2021. The phones were equipped with, and brighter screens.

That doesn't mean they are the best iPhone options for everybody, however. Apple currently has eight iPhone variants, with prices ranging from $429 for the while, to $1,599 for the with the 1TB of storage. The best iPhone for your will be one that has the features and technology you'll need, and one that's priced in the comfort zone.

I rounded down all the iPhone models on the market so you may select which one you like most. Miss the home button? Then. Like the iPhone 13 design, but not its price?. Want a small phone with a good battery life? Then. And what about?

Model Starting price Screen size No. of rear cameras CPU Release date
iPhone SE $429 4.7 inches 1 A15 Bionic March 2022
iPhone 11 $499 6.1 inches 2 A13 Bionic September 2019
iPhone 12 Mini $599 5.4 inches 2 A14 Bionic November 2020
iPhone 12 $699 6.1 inches 2 A14 Bionic October 2020
iPhone 13 Mini $699 5.4 inches 2 A15 Bionic September 2021
iPhone 13 $799 6.1 inches 2 A15 Bionic September 2021
iPhone 13 Pro $999 6.1 inches 3 A15 Bionic September 2021
iPhone 13 Pro Max $1,099 6.7 inches 3 A15 Bionic September 2021

Some iPhones have two cameras, others have three cameras, and others are still equipped with four cameras (including the front-facing selfie camera). Moreover, note that almost every current iPhone model has Face ID except one: the iPhone SE (2022). While having a lot of options may be difficult, however.

I thoroughly reviewed and tested each iPhone on this list, from their batteries to camera performance. This list, however, is based on current iPhone prices, but don't assume your only option is paying full price. Also, this list is based on existing Apple models. If you're shopping around, you may notice that carriers and third-party vendors offer discontinued models, like the and.

Alternatively, read our guide to assist you in finding the right handset for your needs if you're looking for an Android phone or another one outside of Apple's offerings.

The $829 iPhone 13 is a fantastic upgrade and development to previous iPhones, but some will be disappointed because it isn't radically different from previous versions, but that's actually part of the charm. Familiarity has been one of Apple's main goals with the iPhone. It supports 5G and MagSafe charging.

It comes with new cameras on par with the ones from the iPhone 12 Pro Max from last year. It also receives a larger battery which in our tests lasted 4.5 hours longer on a single charge than the iPhone 12.

Add in the A15 Bionic chip, a new Cinematic mode, which is basically a video version of Portrait mode and iOS 15, and you have an excellent phone. The iPhone 13 has received a CNET Editors' Choice Award. Apple also reduced the price of the chips to $799.

The $1,099 iPhone 13 Pro is the best iPhone Apple has ever seen. Apple further defined the difference between its Pro and non-Pro devices by packaging the 13 Pro with a high-refresh rate display, a macro photography mode, and the best cameras on any iPhone.

The 13 Pro, which features a satin finish back and shiny stainless steel sides, is compatible with the Apple 13 Pro. The screen refresh rate is set at 120Hz, depending on what's being shown on the screen. Animations look smooth, graphics look crisp, and even mundane things like scrolling feeds look better.

It runs iOS 15 and supports 5G and MagSafe charging. Like the regular iPhone 13, the 13 Pro has an A15 Bionic chip, but it also has an extra GPU core which gives the smartphone a boost for gaming and video editing. The iPhone 13 Pro is a fantastic product, and it has received a CNET Editors' Choice Award.

The $729 iPhone 12 is a new iPhone with matte aluminum sides, an A14 Bionic chip, and a 5.4-inch display, with a price tag that's $100 less. So, if your ambition is to build a phone with the finest cameras, this is not the best iPhone for you.

If you choose to purchase an iPhone 12 or 12 Mini and pay $50 more, I suggest upgrading from 64GB of storage to 128GB. If you activate either phone on a carrier, the price will be reduced by another $30.


Who said there is no longer one more? The iPhone 13 Mini ($729 unlocked, $699 on a carrier plan) is fantastic because it has everything it has: it's just smaller. Despite its long run, this iPhone 13 mini even lasted 3.5 hours longer than the 12 Mini on a single charge. It also ran an hour longer than the full-sized iPhone 12 in the same test.

The 13 Mini boasts almost identical wide and ultrawide cameras as the iPhone 12 Pro Max from last year. One thing you can remark is that the rear cameras are placed diagonally to one other to make room for the larger stabilized sensor.

The iPhone 13 and 13 Mini are the same phones. One is small and the other isn't. That said, I only recommend you get the 13 Mini for its size. It is $100 cheaper than the iPhone 13, which might be a difficult task if you are considering saving money. However, if you aren't OK with a small phone, you might be dissatisfied with the size.

The $1,199 iPhone 13 Pro Max is available for download for free online. The 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max are identical in almost every way and feature the same cameras. In essence, these phones are just different sizes.

The 13 Pro Max is similar to the 13 Pro, which is 6.1 inches tall. Part of the extra weight comes from the 13 Pro Max's larger battery. It's the best iPhone in most situations, and it's worth every penny of its reasonable price.


The iPhone SE (2022) might appeal for its price. However, it's the only iPhone on this list that has a similar A15 processor than the iPhone 13, which some users still prefer over Face ID. The SE also has the ability to run the most recent iOS and applications.


If you don't need the 5G, the iPhone 11 will cost $499 for that, even in 2022. Like an A13 processor, excellent cameras, a long battery life, and the choice of six colors, the 11 has curved sides, contrasting the straight-sided 12 and 13 models.

The biggest drawback is the old style screen, which uses an LCD instead of a more impressive OLED one. Don't let this fool you, the screen still looks good in use. I recommend getting the 1128GB version if you have a budget.


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