Mike Lindell, a youngster, is blaming out on Fox News and Newsmax as 'traitors' to America

Mike Lindell, a youngster, is blaming out on Fox News and Newsmax as 'traitors' to America ...

Lindell was pushed high back in early 2021 in an attempt to assist the retiring president hang onto his desk in the Oval Office, but no one seems interested in him anymore, especially since he was by Dominion Voting Systems a year ago. Enter : Trump's former campaign manager has provided Lindell with a platform to express his many misgivings and misgivings, and it has made for some decent text.

As a result of Bannon's announcement, Lindell was invited onto his "War Room" podcast, where the pillow man was enlisted by Newsmax, Fox News, and other right-wing media outlets for failing to follow his latest crusade: ridding the country of its.

So, since this case was dropped, the left media is the ones who have picked it up! Lindell said of Bannon. You have,, these guys made articles. Where is Fox News? Where are they to report this?

While the fact that mainstream media (hello!) appears to be more interested in discussing Lindell's increasingly wacky lawsuits for entertainment value seems to be lost on him, Bannon seemed to be having some fun by pushing the matter. When he asked Lindell what reason outlets like Fox News and Newsmax would have had for not covering his latest lawsuit, his answer was simple:

I believe they are just traitors to the country. And I believe Newsmax are cowards. So simple as thatcowards and traitors, cowards, and traitors.

On the other hand, you can see Lindell and Bannon's interview.

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