In a demonstration of solidarity with Ukraine, Karlovy Vary film festival will preview Odesa film Fest's titles

In a demonstration of solidarity with Ukraine, Karlovy Vary film festival will preview Odesa film Fe ...

In a press release dated Monday, the Karlovy Vary Film Festival, one of Europe's finest film events, began to tease certain parts of its 56th edition which will take place in its eponymous Czech city.

KVIFF announced in a show of support for nearby, and it would host the Works-in-Progress programme of the Odesa International Film Festival, which cannot be held due to Russia's ongoing conflict. We have partnered with the Odesa film festival to develop a positive culture, said the director. We are delighted to have this opportunity to showcase Ukrainian cinema, talent, and culture to the world.

KVIFF has announced that it will give Boleslav Polvka, the actor, playwright, screenwriter, and director, a distinguished award. He also wowed the attention of Vladimr Michalek for the best actor in Forgotten Light (1996), who earned him a Czech Lion for the best actor and another award in the same category at the time. He later took home a Czech Lion for for for Divided We Fall (dir. Jan Hbejk, 2000), who

KVIFF, which has helped to digitally restore classic Czech films, has performed the restoration of Jaromil Jire' 1969 Czech New Wave standout The Joke (1969) during the fest. The film's digital restoration was organized by the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in collaboration with the National Film Archive and the State Fund for Cinema. The film was performed using original sound and film negatives at UPP and Soundsquare.

KVIFF Talents, a year-round initiative based in Czech Republic and Slovakia, is also launching, "to promote artistic audiovisual projects with high levels of originality," according to KVIFF's executive director. "The program will be another important piece of the puzzle promoting greater originality, creative courage, and international ambitions by our filmmakers."

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