Kevin's Future Wife: Creator Dan Fogelman, Justin Hartley, and [Spoiler] On 'Ultimate Endgame'

Kevin's Future Wife: Creator Dan Fogelman, Justin Hartley, and [Spoiler] On 'Ultimate Endgame' ...

ALERT OF SPOILER: This Is Is Episode 614, "The Night Before the Wedding," is revealed in this story.

Kevin slept the night before Kate's wedding, according to the end of last week's episode, "The Day of the Wedding," which included one-on-one friendship with his ex-wife Sophie (, Kevin's friend with occasional expenses, Cassidy (Jennifer Morrison), and the wedding singer Arielle.

Fans got a lot more as 'The Night Before the Wedding' reveals who Kevin will spend his whole life with, and his newly divorced childhood sweetheart Sophie.

Kate, who has been there for Kevin in his lowest moments, was probably the one who brought him and Sophie back together by inviting her ex-friend to her engagement to Phillip, where Kevin and her then-married Sophie exchanged longing glances and to her actual wedding.

Kevin's feelings for Sophie were both explained by Randall from the start-of-the-week, and gave him the final push to overcome his self doubt and go profess his love for her, declaring that he isn't going to screw it up this time.

Rebecca, who had Alzheimer's caused her to see Sophie and Kevin as the 20-year-old newlyweds she once had, convinced Sophie to give Kevin another shot by saying, "Timing is just off right now, he isn't ready for you. I don't know if you can wait until that, but when the timing is correct, he will be so great."

Sophie did not refer to Rebecca's comments in her speech to Kevin before he gave him the valentine he had written for her when they were six years old, and the two kissed to an outpouring of thanks from the whole wedding party.

Sophie said that she spent years of my life praying that you would grow up. "Now here you are 20 years later, and you are finally the guy I knew you could be."

Kevin's time with the three women was chronicled in this episode, which included a classic car with a "Just Married" sign she had rented for Kate and Phillip no less. After the two went to the store and saw a vineyard where she dropped the bombshell that she had divorced her husband who had accompanyed her to Kate's engagement party.

After a long glance at the hotel, the two went to Kevin's room, but Sophie couldn't go through it.

"It's too much that we have decades of history between us, and I cannot go backwards," she said of the incident.

Arielle and Kevin had a memorable rom-com meet-cute moment when she met him and made him pretend to be interested in her to shake off Phillip's famous cousin Oliver. But the two never had a proper date, and Arielle only reinforced his feelings for his ex by giving him a napkin with a poem she had written from her observations.

Cassidy received help with the zipper on her dress and he suggested that perhaps she should try being a couple but she shuts it down quickly.

"You are not my self, and I'm not yours," she said, and the two agreed that they should remain their best friends (and employer-employee).

Beth and Madison had discovered three items in Kevin's room that prompted their investigation into who Kevin had spent the night with, including Sophie's bra, Arielle's napkin, and Cassidy's flower wrap.

Kevin spent the night alone as a bachelor. After a few complicated relationships and a series of lengthy ones, he found out about his friendship with Sophie. So, he is still married this time, just like Kevin has hoped for, removing a page from his parents' fairytale romance.

Dab Fogelman, Hartley, and Breckenrige, the creators of This Is Us, discuss Kevin finding happily ever after with Sophie, here are some of the reactions we've seen here:

DEADLINE: When did you know that Kevin would meet up with his childhood sweetheart Sophie?

FOGELMAN: I felt almost exactly on the back of Sophie's ending game. It was never "set in stone," and in the course of seasons of the show we opened ourselves to possibilities much like the character himself. However, Sophie's chemistry with Kevin was always quite difficult to negate.

HARTLEY: I think it was probably the purpose all the time. I've known many times.

BRECKENRIDGE: I knew that Dan had asked for the actors to return to each other from the start but knew that they had a long journey to travel with Kevin before he'd be ready. Both from an audience perspective and from my own just wanting to spend more time on the program.

DEADLINE: Why did you think Kevin had to have a happy day, and go full circle with Sophie, to get it?

FOGELMAN: This decades long love story required actual decades to work the right way, and Kevin needed to become a fully realized version of himself first (the other challenge is that as Kevin got his hit together, Alex became the lead character on one of Netflix's largest shows).

DEADLINE: What was your reaction to the duo coming back together after a long detour?

HARTLEY: It's a wonderful love tale.

BRECKENRIDGE: I feel profound to me that these two individuals who have been in love since they were six years old and had this difficult relationship over 40 years able to become whole people on their own and then find love again as adults I think it is extremely romantic. I believe you must live yourself to be capable of being loved at 46.

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