Kevin McCarthy is accused of blaming Matt Gaetz and Mo Brooks for putting fellow lawmakers in 'Jeopardy' in the leaked audio

Kevin McCarthy is accused of blaming Matt Gaetz and Mo Brooks for putting fellow lawmakers in 'Jeopa ...

Before his party was consumed by loose cannon conspiracy theories and occultly careerists, House minority leader Kevin McCarthy attempted to do the right thing. There's even proof. Last week, The New York Times released an audio from the riot on January 6, in which he slammed outgoing president Donald Trump. He denied it, because he changed his mind about salvaging his increasingly anti-democratic party, and only ended up. Now there's more.

The NYT has provided an audio from the GOP's big wig, this one aimed at a number of Trumpist legislators, most specifically Matt Gaetz, not long before it was revealed he was.

McCarthy spoke out in a letter on January 10 with his fellow GOP leaders, claiming that they were putting their contacts on news networks rather than calling out them. Gaetz, who had recently gone on Newsmax to resign, was also on the move, claiming that Trump was uneasy. The political climate, according to McCarthy, was "too crazy" for such rhetoric.

MSNBC has just released another McCarthy audio clip about enticing Matt Gaetz. Steve Scalise may be heard out enticing Mo Brooks and Louie Gohmert, saying, "It's potentially illegal, what he's doing."

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McCarthy said that he is putting people in jeopardy. "And he doesn't need to be doing this." The Capitol was recently transformed, and these people came equipped with rope and all they needed to do it.

"It's potentially illegal what he's doing," said Louisiana's new representative Steve Scalise.

Alabama representative Mo Brooks, who was on the verge of running on the Capitol, had been discussed by the group. That day, the crowd in Washington had told him to "fight like a storm."

You think the president deserves to be impeached for his comments? McCarthy asked. Thats almost anything that goes further than what the president said.

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