Is it possible to do so on the Netflix Board?

Is it possible to do so on the Netflix Board? ...

The current situation at Netflix (NFLX) is difficult to comprehend. For the first time in a decade, Netflix lost 200,000 subscribers, falling considerably short of its forecast (+2.5 million subscribers). Although Netflix's operating margin forecasts were consistent in 2022, a reduction of 19%-20% from its previous projections for a median annual margin increase of 19% to 20%.

The stock is approaching a four-year low, putting it at an all-time high, since it has reported its quarterly results.

Joanna Makris of Boardroom Alpha dives deeper into Netflix's situation, its executive team, and directors in order to determine whether or not it should be turned on.

The whole report examines:

  • Executive compensation
  • Say-on-Pay
  • Insider buying / selling
  • Their unique Co-CEO structure
  • Red Flags
  • and more

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