Baz Luhrmann Shows Off '#039;Elvis' Footage, Tells Exhibition 'Man Can't Live By 'Batman' - CinemaCon

Baz Luhrmann Shows Off '#039;Elvis' Footage, Tells Exhibition 'Man Can't Live By 'Batman' - CinemaCo ...

Baz Luhrrmann's latest feature, which he claims, "isn't so much a biopic," has been brought to him and brought the goods.

According to the filmmaker, his Elvis includes three versions of the King of Rock: as a rebel, as a Hollywood star, and his Vegas twilight; the singer being a model of America through several phases. As well as Tom Hanks' Colonel Tom Parker, he is also a significant factor in Elvis' life.

Elvis plays a similar music motif that fuses jazz with J.Z.'s hiphop flair.

A hip hop equator of the 'Nothing But a Houndog' was filmed in the video we saw tonight.

The aorta of the footage shows Austin Butler's Elvis being escorted to his concert by the cops. He's told by the cops not to finger.

"There are a lot of people saying a lot of gotta listen to yourself," Elvis warns the stadium of adolescents.

Before you buckle in the "Heartbreak Hotel, I will show you what the real Elvis is like tonight."

Parker expresses his view that "In that moment, Elvis the man was sacrificed, and Elvis the God was born."

Before the tape was published, Luhrmann talked about growing up in a small country town where his father took over the cinema. "You had to make it a hit," he said of the film.

"If one person comes into a theater, I am there with you," the director said of the film.

The animated film directed by Baz Luhrmann goes on theaters on June 24.

According to Luhrmann, "If everything feels like a superhero film, it is." Elvis rises so high, then finds his kryptonite and falls so low, and then a beautiful, powerful tragedy ensues."

We must bring all viewers to the theater because we cannot live by Batman alone., said the filmmaker.

Butler, who organically has the singer's cadence, has also made an appearance on stage. I set out to discover his humanity, said the actor, adding that he's one of those individuals who reached out to an iconic status, he is like superhuman.

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