Bosses Tease Love Triangle Between Violet, Hawkins, and Gallo 'Is Still Alive'

Bosses Tease Love Triangle Between Violet, Hawkins, and Gallo 'Is Still Alive' ...

Violet () on the's who love relationship with boss Evan Hawkins (Jimmy Nicholas) and ex-boyfriend Gallo is still in play. With only three episodes left to air in May, fans can expect more on the front.

"The Gallo, Hawkins, and Violet love triangle are still alive," a producer says of Deadline. "There's still a lot of complications between them. It's not going to be as straightforward as off she goes with Hawkins. It's still a difficult task for all three of them, and Gallo ends up very close between those two."

According to her, "[Gallo] has been a good friend and that can be very attractive. She's partnered with two really great guys who are very different. It's very complicated."

Violet told Hawkins, her mostly secret beau, in last week's episode titled "Finish What You Started," that she's in love with him. She panicked for a brief moment as she didn't intend to drop the four-letter word yet but Hawkins revealed that the relationship is complicated because Hawkins is in a position of power as her superior.

Unfortunately, they were caught sharing a kiss at the firehouse, and her ex Galloamong others heard the gossip. Even though he was jealous, he proved to be a loyal friend by keeping her secret and by not judgeing her. However, the more she becomes frustrated with keeping her relationship with Gallo off the radar.

While Violet's love life is prospering, she believes that Emma Jacobs, a newbie to the market, is threatening her. An old friend of Violet, who claims to be unable to do the job she was hired for.

Newman shares how she reveals the Emma character and the actress is fantastic. "She is an amazing character who will surprise everyone at every turn. She is driven, powerful, and a tough lady with a specific agenda that will not be revealed."

Violet, who plays a co-host on her upcoming EP, just described her as a sociopath in the episode that just aired last week, and she also said that [Emma] is using her time. I will say that there is still a lot of work to be done in the future episodes.

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